I thought it would be great to put together a compilation of Dirt Bike Videos from YouTube featuring awesome skills of the worlds best riders, also some funny ones.

I’ll keep adding to this as I come across videos that just have to be shared.

 Graham Jarvis – four-time Erzberg Rodeo winner. A compilation of his awesome skills. For more on the Erzberg Rodeo, check out my post  Famous Dirt Bike Events

Graham Jarvis Bio

 Top Trials riders apply their skills to enduro bikes.


 Cody Webb and Taylor Robert ride the bare ski slopes of the Donner Ski Ranch in California.


 Toby Price, the winner of the 2016 Dakar Rally, showing his skills in the Australian outback. For more on Toby, read my Toby Price Bio


 Some more of Taylor Robert’s amazing skills.


 Cody Webb demonstrating that Trials riders make the best Enduro riders.


 With the 2018 Dakar Rally now over, here’s a look at some highlights. Some fantastic aerial photography here.


 What’s the difference between your dirt bike and a Dakar bike? A whole lot! Here’s a great explanation of whats special about a Dakar bike.


What are the top 5 Adventure Bikes for 2018? Here’s a look at the best.


 Australian stunt rider Robbie Maddison backflip jumped London’s Tower Bridge in 2009. For more on Robbie, read my Robbie Maddison Bio.


Then in 2010, Robbie jumped the Corinth Canal in Greece, a distance of 278 feet.


 A hilarious look at why we still ride dirt bikes when we’re getting into our fifties. A must watch.


 Adam Riemann and Motology Films (Of MOTONOMAD Trilogy fame) give us a look at dirt bike riding through the eyes of two young kids who discover a whole new world of riding on their neighbor’s farm.


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