5 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets – Suitable For Dirt Bikes

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets

Motorcycle Bluetooth communicators have long been targeted towards the road and adventure riding market, with the dirt bike sector lagging behind in the use of this technology. There are definite benefits for dirt bike riders to use Bluetooth communicators, and major manufacturers like Sena are now seeing a potential new market with their slimline Sena […]

Kawasaki Dirt Bike History

Kawasaki Dirt Bike History

Kawasaki is one of the ‘Big Four’ powerhouse Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. Motorcycles are just a small part of this 140-year-old company’s ventures. They were the first of the ‘Big Four’ to build a purpose-built off-road racing machine and played a pivotal role in bringing the sport of motocross to a new audience. Never afraid to […]

5 Best Dirt Bike Boots under $200

Best Dirt Bike Boots under 200

After your helmet, your most important piece of protective gear is your boots. Accidents can happen at any time. Even at slow speeds, a simple fall can cause a nasty ankle injury. Whether you’re racing motocross or just general off-road riding, good boots are essential. While it’s important to go for the best boots you […]