How To Clean Your Dirt Bike Helmet – The Right Way

How To Clean Your Dirt Bike Helmet - The Right Way

Your dirt bike helmet is one of the most expensive items in your gear bag but is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning if it is not visually dirty. Knowing how to clean your dirt bike helmet properly and maintain it will go a long way towards getting the longest lifespan possible out of … Read more

How to Convert Your Dirt Bike To Supermoto

How to Convert Your Dirt Bike To Supermoto

So you want to know how to convert your dirt bike to Supermoto? It’s becoming a popular conversion for dirt bikes. If you’ve ever ridden a dirt bike on the street, you know how exhilarati  ng it can be with the quick acceleration and nimble handling that a dirt bike gives you. A Supermoto conversion … Read more

How To Replace Your Dirt Bike Battery

How To Replace Your Dirt Bike Battery

With most dirt bikes being electric start nowadays, keeping your battery fully charged is essential. Some dirt bikes don’t even have a kick start anymore, making reliance on the battery critical. Batteries are designed to last about three years if you take good care of them, and luckily removing and replacing your battery is a … Read more

How To Winterize Your Dirt Bike

How To Winterize Your Dirt Bike

It’s never fun to put your dirt bike into storage, but if you live in an area where freezing winter temperatures make riding unpractical, you have no choice. Here in Queensland, Australia, it’s not the cold that prevents you from riding, it’s the heat! With summer temperatures getting up to 35-40 degrees Celcius (104 degrees … Read more

Best OTG Motorcycle Googles 2020 (Over The Glasses)

Best OTG Motorcycle Goggles

If you wear prescription glasses and can’t or choose not to use contact lenses, then participating in action sports like riding a dirt bike that requires you to wear goggles can be a real problem. This is a problem I have, and until recently have been using contact lenses for riding, but have decided to … Read more

Toby Price Achieves Dakar 2020 Podium Finish Against All Odds

Toby Price Dakar 2020

Toby Price has finished third overall in the 2020 Dakar Rally, his fifth podium finish in six outings, but his bid to retain the Dakar Number one plate wasn’t without its setbacks. Despite road books failing, stopping to help a fallen Paulo Gonçalves, rear tire coming off, shortened and canceled stages allowing fewer chances to … Read more

Dakar 2020 – Toby Price Defends Title

Dakar 2020 Toby Price defends title

The Dakar Rally is considered to be the toughest motorsport event on the planet. The Dakar Rally (formerly known as the Paris-Dakar Rally) started in 1979 and derives its name from the original finishing location. In the early days, they had rainy and muddy conditions in Europe before heading into north-west Africa, through dunes and … Read more

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