Best OTG Motorcycle Googles 2020 (Over The Glasses)

Best OTG Motorcycle Goggles

If you wear prescription glasses and can’t or choose not to use contact lenses, then participating in action sports like riding a dirt bike that requires you to wear goggles can be a real problem. This is a problem I have, and until recently have been using contact lenses for riding, but have decided to … Read more

5 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts – Tough Enough For Dirt Bikes

Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

We live in an era where we take our smartphones almost everywhere. We depend on our smartphones for many things like communication, navigation, information, and entertainment. We all know that operating a phone while driving a vehicle is not only illegal but dangerous. For motorcyclists being able to safely access your mobile phone while riding … Read more

5 Best Dirt Bike Foot Pegs – Aftermarket Upgrades

Best Dirt Bike Footpegs

Aftermarket footpegs are a popular upgrade for dirt bike riders. The difference between the standard OEM footpegs and aftermarket footpegs is huge. When you need to replace your footpegs, you have three choices, either replace the stock OEM pegs, go for a cheaper alternative, or upgrade to a superior aftermarket peg that also adds some … Read more

5 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets – Suitable For Dirt Bikes

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets

Motorcycle Bluetooth communicators have long been targeted towards the road and adventure riding market, with the dirt bike sector lagging behind in the use of this technology. There are definite benefits for dirt bike riders to use Bluetooth communicators, and major manufacturers like Sena are now seeing a potential new market with their slimline Sena … Read more

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