6 Best Kids Dirt Bike Helmets 2022

If you have a child who wants to ride dirt bikes, one of the first things you will be doing is researching the best kids dirt bike helmets for your child.

There are so many features available now, even in the entry-level helmets, that it can be hard to know what to look for.

All of the helmets in this review are in the under $200 price range. When your child is just starting out and you don’t know how long they will stay with the sport, you may not need to spend more on an advanced helmet.

You should however buy the best helmet you can afford, as your child’s safety is the main consideration.

All of these helmets meet the necessary safety standards, so you can feel assured that your child is well protected.

Quick Summary:

Pushed for time? Here’s a quick summary of the Best Kids Dirt Bike Helmets reviewed here:

1. HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Helmet – Best Value for money
2. Troy Lee designs Youth GP helmet – Top Pick
3. Fox Racing Youth V1 Prizm Camo Helmet
4. Fly Racing Kinetic Straight Edge Youth Helmet
5. Vega Helmets Unisex-Child Youth Off Road Helmet
6. ILM Kids Youth Adult Motocross Helmet

Many of the features of the more advanced helmets are finding their way into the entry-level helmets.

Features like Magnetic Visor Release, MIPS Rotational Impact Protection, multi-port ventilation, and emergency release cheek pads can now be found in entry-level helmets.

All of the helmets included in this review are up to the same standards we would look for in adult helmets.

They range in price from $80 to $165 and include helmets for the little kids, up to more experienced Youth riders.

Kids dirt bike helmets

Kids Dirt Bike Helmet Sizing

The first thing you need to do is to determine your child’s head size:

1. Wrap a soft measuring tape around their head about half an inch above the eyebrows, above the ears, and around the back of their head at the largest point.

2. Match their head size with the helmet manufacturer’s size chart to find a match. Each helmet manufacturer will have a different sizing chart, so you will need to follow each brand’s sizing.

3. If you have the opportunity for your child to try the helmet on, it should sit squarely on your head with the top of the helmet’s eye port just above your eyebrows. It should fit snuggly at first, then loosen slightly as it wears in.

Your fingers should not be able to fit easily between your child’s head and the helmet.

Dirt Bike helmet size measurement

Head SHAPE is just as important as head size. A perfectly sized helmet may fit comfortably on one rider, but be uncomfortable on another. A lot of manufacturers offer the following shapes when manufacturing their helmets:

  • Long Oval – This shape resembles a more oblong head that is longer front-to-back and narrower side-to-side.
  • Intermediate Oval – This shape resembles a round head that is shorter front-to-back and wider side-to-side than the Long Oval. This is the most common offered by manufacturers.
  • Round Oval – This shape resembles an oblong head that is longer side-to-side rather than front-to-back like the Long Oval.

To get the maximum protection from your child’s helmet it must be correctly sized and fitted. Take your child’s measurements and factor in their head shape when selecting.

Different helmet manufacturers have their own sizing charts. Always refer to the manufacturer-specific sizing chart when selecting the size. I have included them with each helmet below.

For more on selecting a dirt bike helmet: Kids Dirt Bike Helmets – Your Complete Buying Guide

1. HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Helmet

HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Helmet

Since 1971, HJC has specialized in manufacturing motorcycle helmets exclusively.

The HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Helmet comes with a lot of features included in their advanced adult helmet range.

The Helmet features an advanced polycarbonate composite shell that is lightweight and comfortable for a superior fit.

It comes in two shell sizes: Small & Medium sizes in the first shell size, Large size in the second shell size.

This Helmet is a round oval head shape, so it is slightly wider and shorter front to back. Refer to head shape info above.

Ventilation is excellent with 8 intake vents and 4 exhaust vents in what HJC calls their ‘ACS’ Advanced Channeling Ventilation System which provides full front-to-back airflow, flushing humidity up and out.

It also comes with a removable/washable plush Nylex interior providing a more comfortable fit. The fabric is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial.


  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell: Revolutionary design with unique visor.
  • Lightweight, superior fit, and comfort using advanced CAD technology.
  • ‘ACS’ Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front-to-back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out.
  • Plush Nylex Interior: Comfortable, removable, and washable.
  • Large Eye Port and Maximum Range Adjustable Visor: For maximum visibility and superior goggle fit.
  • Two shell sizes: Small & Medium first shell size, Large in the second shell size
  • Contoured, multi-layer cheek pads optimize fit and comfort.
  • Three-Year Warranty.
  • Standard Certifications: DOT approved


  • Good range of graphics available
  • Good price


  • Sizing runs small. If in doubt go a size up.


HJC CL-XY Youth Helmet size chart

2. Troy Lee designs Youth GP helmet

Troy Lee Designs Youth GP helmet

Troy Lee Designs have long been known in the dirt bike and mountain bike worlds. Troy started out painting custom helmet designs for some of the world’s top riders, and the company has since grown into producing a full range of riding gear for dirt bikes and mountain bikes, all with the trademark cool TLD graphics.

With the release of their newest helmet, the Troy Lee Designs GP helmet, TLD has delivered a helmet that offers substantial safety features and style at a more affordable price.

Weighing in at 1325 grams, the new GP Youth Helmet features a technologically advanced Polyacrylite shell construction which offers excellent durability at a very light weight.

This helmet is the most ventilated in this review, with 16 intake ports to channel cool air around and over a rider’s head, forcing hot sweaty air out through twelve rear exhaust ports.

The Youth GP comes in one shell size, with the EPS liner taking up the variety of individual head sizes.

A great feature of this helmet is the inclusion of an emergency release cheek pad system, which allows emergency responders to safely remove a helmet from an injured rider.


  • Technologically advanced Polyacrylite shell construction
  • EPP (Expanded PolyPropylene) chin bar for lightweight, durable protection
  • 16 intake ports to channel cool air around and over a rider’s head and exit through 12 exhaust ports
  • One shell size and youth-specific EPS to accurately fit a variety of youth head sizes
  • 3D contoured cheek pads with emergency release system for EMS responders
  • Plastic visor screws and brass inserts for easy impact break-away
  • For riders age 5 years and older
  • Weight: approx. 1325g
  • ECE R22.05 certified


  • Emergency release cheek pads
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Break-away visor
  • Light weight


  • Only one shell size

troy lee helmet size chart

3. Fox Racing Youth V1 Prizm Camo Helmet

Fox Racing V1 Kids helmet Camo

Fox Racing is a well-known and proven brand in motocross and dirt bikes and is very popular with young riders. Many world champions use Fox Racing gear.

The Kids V1 helmet gives you an incredible level of performance for the price. It is one of the most popular and competitive helmets in the market, especially in the youth range.

Performance features include the exclusive Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) which helps to manage rotational forces in an impact with the ground.

This pro-level, patent-pending feature removes the three visor screws and replaces them with magnets to allow the visor to release from the helmet in the event of a crash, while also securely staying in place when needed.

The V1 offers excellent airflow for comfort and moisture management in warm riding conditions. The Kids V1 comes complete with a removable and washable liner and cheek pads to keep their helmet feeling fresh.

It is available in a wide selection of colors and graphics to match nearly any gear set available.


  • Magnetic Visor Release System™ (MVRS) releases in the event of a crash
  • Lightweight Injection molded polycarbonate & ABS shell construction disperses energy in the event of a crash
  • 1 shell and 1 EPS size
  • Removable and washable comfort liner and cheek pads
  • 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents for optimum airflow
  • Exceeds ECE 22.05 and/or DOT certifications


  • Very well ventilated
  • Visor release system


  • Sizing runs small

Fox helmet sizing chart

4. Fly Racing Kinetic Straight Edge Youth Helmet

Fly racing kinetic helmet

Fly Racing is another well-known brand in the dirt bike world, and like Fox Racing has the cool factor that kids love.

The Fly Racing Kinetic Youth is an entry-level helmet that has been built with the perfect blend of style and comfort in mind, offering affordable safety for both youth and adult riders.

It is a very well-ventilated helmet, featuring Fly’s TFV ‘True Functional Ventilation’, a multi-port ventilation system for maximum airflow.

When the rider is in motion, the air is forced through multiple air intake vents. This constant flow of fresh air is then passed through vent channels that are located throughout the EPS and exits out multiple rear exhaust vents.

A new slimmed-down design for minimized mass is good for youth riders, especially the littlies, avoiding as much as possible that ‘bobble-head’ look that is common with kids’ helmets.

The Kinetic comes complete with a removable and washable liner and cheek pads to keep their helmet feeling fresh.

It is available in a good range of colorways, so your child can pick a helmet to match their riding gear.


  • Durable and lightweight polymer shell construction
  • Dual-density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner
  • Three shells and four EPS sizes for a precise fit
  • Custom molded rubber trim with integrated nose guard
  • Removable and washable comfort liner and cheek pads which absorb sweat while providing ventilation
  • TFV (True Functional Ventilation) multi-port ventilation system for maximum airflow
  • High-flow mouthpiece is replaceable
  • Safety Standard: DOT/ECE approved


  • Very well ventilated
  • Good Price


  • No negative reviews found

Fly racing Helmet sizing chart
Fly Racing Helmet sizing chart

5. Vega Helmets Unisex-Child Youth Off Road Helmet

vega helmets unisex-child youth off road helmet

The Vega Youth helmet is an entry-level helmet suitable for any off-road use, whether MX, Trail riding, Enduro, ATV riding, Quad, any dirt bike riding.

The newly redesigned Stinger X2 features a lightweight polycarbonate ABS shell. One shell size can be made smaller or larger with a simple liner replacement. Ideal as your child grows, or the helmet is passed down to a younger sibling.

The multi-channeled high-density EPS liner allows maximum airflow through the helmet, and the chin bar is also EPS-lined for safety.

The lining is moisture-wicking fabric and is removable and washable to keep it feeling fresh. The D-Ring strap is also padded for comfort.

It is available in a range of cool graphics that your kid will love.


  • Smaller, lightweight (only 2.6 lbs.), strong and durable outer shell is designed for fitting smaller heads with maximum protection
  • EPS inner shell is Multi channeled for maximum airflow through the helmet
  • 1 shell with 3 different liner sizes available (small, medium, large) so the size of the helmet can be increased or decreased with a simple liner purchase
  • Great for growing kids and passing it down to a younger sibling. The liner is also washable
  • Padded D-Ring strap for added comfort.
  • Full adjustable multi-position outer visor included.
  • Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Meets or exceeds US DOT standard FMVSS No.218 and ECE R22.05


  • Good price
  • Good range of graphics available
  • Lightweight


  • No negative reviews found

Note: Sometimes unavailable on Amazon. Alternative link to Vega Helmets


6. ILM Kids Youth Adult Motocross helmet

ILM Kids Youth Adult Motocross helmet

The ILM Youth Motocross helmet is an extremely budget-friendly entry-level helmet that is suitable for all types of off-road use, whether it’s dirt bikes, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, Quad or ATV.

The ILM Youth helmet is one of the few helmets available that is equipped with a GoPro mounting bracket so that you can record your adventures. It can also be used to fix a light for when you are riding at night.

The helmet shell is built from a high-quality ABS and a high-density EPS foam inner liner to help absorb the energy from an impact.

The sleek aerodynamic design gives stability at higher speeds and is extremely well ventilated with a total of nine intake and exhaust vents to maximize airflow through the helmet.

The high-tech 3D liner with ‘comtex’ technology is fully removable and washable and is moisture-wicking to dissipate humidity out of the helmet.

The helmet features a massive field of vision (4.33 in.) and is easily large enough to accommodate any type of goggles.

The visor is adjustable up and down, or removable if you choose to ride without it.


  • Lightweight and durable ABS shell
  • Built-In action mounting for camera or torch (camera and torch not included)
  • Adjustable & removable visor
  • Large viewport for excellent field of vision 4.3 inches tall
  • Total of nine intake and exhaust vents for maximum airflow
  • 3D ‘comtex’ inner liner which is moisture-wicking
  • Stainless steel quick-release buckle
  • DOT certified for Safety – meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards.


  • Mount for camera or light
  • Very well ventilated
  • Good price


  • Sizing runs small


ILM youth off road helmet sizing chart

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right kid’s dirt bike helmet to suit your child’s needs can be daunting with all the safety features available these days.

Many of the features you find in adult helmets are now also available in the kids’ range.

The helmets selected above are all reasonably priced and from known and respected brands. I would be happy putting my own kids in any of these helmets

Top Pick:

The Troy Lee designs 2021 Youth GP helmet has all the safety features you could wish for in an entry-level helmet at a reasonable price.

Emergency cheek pad removal system, breakaway visor, lightweight shell, exceptional ventilation, and cool graphics typical of all Troy Lee Designs gear. It takes a lot of beating for the price.

Best Value For Money:

The HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Helmet, for around the $100 mark, depending on the graphics you choose, is a lightweight, well-ventilated ultra-cool helmet the kids will love.

In the under $100 range, the Vega Youth Off Road helmet and the ILM Youth Motocross helmet are two great well-featured budget helmets that meet all the necessary safety requirements and look cool as well, an important factor for kids.

Hopefully, the information in this post can save you some time, with the groundwork and research having been done for you based on my 30-plus years of riding dirt bikes.

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Is there a kid’s dirt bike helmet that your child has been using that you can highly recommend? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Although I will agree with you that you don’t need to buy an advanced helmet if the child just starts out and you have no idea for how long he will be doing this, it’s always good to find the perfect balance between price and quality. Because after all it’s safety we are talking about here and when it comes to our health there shouldn’t be any compromises even if it’s for something that will not last long.

    • Hi Stratos. That’s exactly right, you should always buy the best helmet you can afford. It is your child’s brain you are protecting after all. The helmet is the top priority in safety gear when getting started in dirt bike riding, whether it’s racing or trail riding. The boots are the next important piece of gear. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Hi Greg, your website is done very well and the descriptions of each helmet is very useful for people wanting to make a purchase. It is obvious from the site that you have a great deal of experience and the additional blogs are a testament to this. Great action shot pictures too! Thanks and wishing you every success!

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    • Hi Steve. Yes, dirt bike riding has always been popular with kids, especially if the family rides together.

      It’s a lucky kid who has a Dad or sibling that gets them interested in it and gives them the bike and gear.

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