Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets – How To Choose

Nowadays, a significant number of women are getting into motocross and all forms of dirt bike riding. If you are one and intend to race motocross, enduros or just trail ride a dirt bike, you have to make sure that you are safe as you can be while riding. In that case, the first thing you have to do is check out the best Women’s dirt bike helmets.

But what things should you take into account while selecting the best Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets? This question may come to your mind first, right? Several factors must be considered, such as your helmet’s performance, durability, comfort, and appeal.

In this article, we have given an overview of how to choose a women’s helmet. Hopefully, you’ll be able to choose an appropriate helmet for your type of dirt bike riding after reading this article. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Dirt Bike Helmets and Street Bike Helmets – How Do They Differ?

Women's dirt bike helmets

Dirt Bike Helmets are not the same as street bike helmets. What makes them different from each other?

Both dirt bike and street bike helmets are made for their respective purposes. Motocross bikes are ridden at comparatively slower speeds than street bikes, and riding them requires a completely different technique, in a different environment.

For that reason, dirt bike helmets are generally lighter, have less cushioning, and are very well ventilated. They are also fitted with peaks for dirt deflection & the viewport is larger to accommodate goggles that ensure better protection from rocks, dirt, and mud.

By comparison, street motorcycle helmets come in a variety of sleek & elegant designs. They are much more streamlined & have more padding to a certain extent, which provides relatively good airflow & improved noise reduction which is important at higher speeds.

In addition, street bike helmets are fitted with face shields that ensure face protection and less wind resistance at highway speeds. The face shield is much more suitable at higher speeds than goggles.

How to Choose the Best Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets

Many women riders have difficulty differentiating between the women’s & men’s dirt bike helmets. The truth is that while the major manufacturers market helmets labeled as ‘women’s helmets’, they are basically the same helmet as the men’s helmets.

So from a physical point of view, as women are generally smaller than men, what you are looking for is a manufacturer that has helmets in the Small and XS sizes, without having to drop down to the Youth sizes, which may drop in specifications from the adult sizes.

A lighter weight helmet is definitely something to bear in mind, with the smaller sizes obviously being lighter than the larger helmets.

The color selection is something that differentiates men’s and women’s helmets, with manufacturers producing ranges that are more appealing to women riders.

Considering everything, you should select the right Dirt Bike helmet that will be appropriate for you and the type of riding you do.

But before that, you have to decide what things are important to you while choosing a Dirt Bike Helmet.

6 Important Factors to be Considered:

1. Safety/Protection

If you are competing in motocross racing, you have to think about your safety first. As a rider, it is a normal occurrence to crash, even the best riders occasionally fall.

In the event of a crash, a rider may sustain injuries to the foot and lower leg, wrist, or shoulders, but a head or neck injury is to be avoided at all costs.

For that reason, you always need to wear the best quality helmet you can afford along with other safety gear that will protect you from significant head injuries. Women’s helmets come in many different designs and specifications that enhance safety and improve performance.

So, what things should be considered when looking at women’s dirt helmets? Before purchasing your helmet, make sure that it has multiple layers of cushioning that absorb shock & impacts.

All helmets are made up of 3 layers: The hard external shell, an EPS inner liner, and the soft foam removable comfort liner.

2. Comfort

This is another vital thing that also must be considered, if it’s not comfortable, you won’t want to wear it, and your riding enjoyment will be compromised.

Women’s helmets that are best will keep you safe – and comfortable. Look for liners with moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you cool and dry. Antimicrobial and antibacterial fabrics are being used now and are desirable features to have.

If you wear glasses, there are helmets available that are designed to be used with glasses.

Besides, be sure that you’re up for Wearing Glasses With Motorcycle Helmet; otherwise, you’ll feel discomfort while racing, and your glasses can be broken if they do not fit comfortably with your helmet.

If you’re wearing glasses with goggles, you will also have to look at goggles designed to be worn Over The Goggles (OTG goggles). In this post, we look at the Best OTG Motorcycle Goggles

3. Impenetrable Shell and Internal Lining

Before buying a women’s helmet, inspect the external shell and check what it is constructed from.

There are four main types of material that are used in helmet construction:

  • Polycarbonate: Usually used in entry-level helmets. Very lightweight.
  • Fiberglass: Has higher impact resistance, but is heavier
  • Tri Composite: A mixture of 3 materials – Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, and Fiberglass.
  • Carbon Fiber: The best but is the most expensive. Used in many premium helmets.

Between the external shell and the foam liner is an EPS liner. Its job is to compress slightly in an impact and absorb some of the stress before it reaches your head.

In addition, check the foam liner and cheek pads of the helmet interior to make sure that they can also soak up the sweat & will keep you completely dry & cool. Most helmet liners are removable, so you can easily wash & reuse them to keep them fresh.

4. Performance

What is indicated by the word “Performance” in a women’s helmet? Performance means the overall functionality of a helmet.

The helmet should be able to be used without being worried about any issues, including malfunctioning and defectiveness. Moreover, the weight, comfort, durability, and ventilation system are also part of a helmet’s performance.

Always try to get a lightweight helmet between 3 to 3.5 pounds that is comfortable for you. Any heavier and it can start to cause fatigue in the neck.

Besides, to have a long-lasting & durable helmet, make sure that it has been built with quality materials and manufactured by a reputable and well-known company.

You should also check the helmet’s ventilation system (how many inlet and exhaust vents – the more the better generally) which is crucial in maximizing airflow & aids in keeping you cool and drawing sweat away from your face while riding.

5. Size & Appeal

The size of a women’s helmet is another critical factor that should be taken into account. There are different sizes of helmets available on the market, such as small, medium, large & extra-large. Many helmets are offered with 2 or 3 different shell sizes to allow a more personalized fit.

You have to choose the right one that will perfectly fit your head & won’t move from left to right, or front to back. It is a good idea to measure your head before purchasing a bike helmet.

The helmet shape is just as important as helmet size. Manufacturers produce helmets in 3 different shapes: Long Oval, Intermediate Oval & Round Oval.

Helmet head shape guide

A correctly sized helmet may still not fit properly if it is the wrong head shape. This must be checked also before choosing. Determine which head shape best describes you.

The term “Appeal” includes color, modern graphics, and styling. You can usually choose from many colors as a lot of the helmet manufacturers provide a good color selection, many graphic designs, and a glossy finish.  Stylish graphics usually add to the cost of the helmet, but they sure look cool.

6. Affordability

When purchasing a women’s dirt bike helmet, check the price tag of the helmet and compare the cost of the helmet with its performance.

Always purchase the best helmet your budget will allow, it’s your brain you’re protecting here.

The good thing is that there are a lot of helmets available at reasonable prices, so you don’t need to spend a massive amount of money to get a safe helmet.

A lot of the features of higher-priced helmets are now finding their way into the mid and lower-priced helmets.

In recent times, many brands have launched onto the market advanced features like Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), emergency cheek pad removal system, and breakaway visors.

To get the extra safety features, you may need to spend a little bit more money. A helmet with a Carbon Fibre shell will cost more than one with a Polycarbonate shell, which is usually used in lower-priced helmets.

A women’s helmet that can be recommended is the Fox Racing 2021 V1 Prix helmet

Fox Racing V1 Race helmet

More about this helmet in the post link below: Best Women’s Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Never buy a used or second-hand helmet. You never know if it has received an impact that will weaken it, even if the damage is not evident.

Final Verdict

Purchasing Women’s Dirt Bike Helmets is not tricky, but in choosing the best one for you many factors must be considered.

Women have been participating in motocross racing and all forms of dirt bike riding for many years now, and the numbers are steadily increasing.

If you are one of them who would like to take up dirt bike riding or racing, make sure that you are fully equipped with good protective gear.

Your helmet is your most important piece of riding gear (followed closely by good boots) that should be strong enough to protect your head from serious injury. A robust, safe, and comfortable dirt bike helmet is essential.

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