Dirt Bike Security Guide (Steps To Take)

Dirt Bike Security is something that you should take seriously. It is important to take some precautions to keep your bike secure.

Most of these are just common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of them.

As Dirt Bike riders we are more at risk than street bike riders. A lot of dirt bikes are not road registered, which means they are difficult to trace.

Some Prevention Tips to Take:

1. Have your bike insured:

Although insurance doesn’t prevent your bike from being stolen, it does give you some peace of mind when it comes to recovering the thousands of dollars you outlaid for your bike.

If your bike is a road-registered Dual Sport bike then insurance is easy. If it is an unregistered motocross bike, it is a bit more tricky.

You can insure against theft while it is in a locked garage, chained to a solid anchor point, while in transit, and fire damage while in the garage, and even in a forest. Some insurers offer policy discounts and incentives when a bike is protected with electronic security.

Some US states require all dirt bikes to be registered and insured so that you are covered for personal liability if you were to injure someone while trail riding. Check online what the regulations are for your state.

2. Record your bike’s VIN number and engine number:

You will need this information to give to the Police. If your bike is not road registered they have very little to go on. If you are fortunate enough to get it back you can prove the bike is yours.

3. Take photos of your bike:

It will help the Police and makes it easier to recognize. If you have personalized your bike with aftermarket parts it makes it more unique and easier to recognize.

4. Be careful with Social Media:

If you are selling your bike on Facebook Marketplace or eBay, be careful about what information you give away. So often we hear about a buyer who failed to turn up, only to have the bike stolen soon after. Be careful if you have given out your address on listings of other items.

Be careful when allowing a buyer to take it for a test ride. Make sure you get them to leave their driver’s license or their car with you while they’re test-riding.

5. Be aware of who is around you:

If you transport your bike on an open trailer or the back of a pickup, be aware of who is seeing you. Thieves are opportunists and may see a bike being transported as a potential target. They may follow you home to see where you live, to break in that night, or at a later date.

6. Don’t leave your bike in a van or on the back of the pickup overnight:

If you are staying overnight and must leave your bike on a trailer, a good way to secure it is with a Wheel Chock System.

7. Store it in a secure location:

A garden shed is no security: They were never designed to protect a valuable item. Even if you chain your bike to a timber post or floor member, that will not slow a determined thief for long.

Set Up Your Garage Security:

Dirt Bike Disc Lock

Have multiple layers of security:

A popular method is to use a Disc Lock to lock the bike, combined with a Chain Lock to fix it to something immovable, like a Security Floor Anchor. It will stop thieves from wheeling the bike out or lifting it onto a truck or van. Loop the chain/cable through the main frame, rather than just a wheel that can be removed.

If you’re using a floor anchor make sure it is high tensile steel and ensure that the fixings can’t be just unbolted. Many anchors use countersunk head fixings secured with an Allen wrench, with steel ball bearings inserted into the socket to prevent removal.

Look at the external security of the garage door. Most roller doors are easily forced open. Look at padlocking the door tracks from the inside if you have separate internal access from the house. If you have a remote-operated garage door this isn’t practical but consider it if you’re going away for the weekend.

Cover your bike:

If in view of the street.

Don’t advertise the fact you have a Dirt Bike:

Keep a low profile. The fewer people that know you have a bike in the garage the better. Don’t leave the garage door open for hours on end. Work on and wash your bike out of sight from the street if you can.

Plastering your car with dirt bike stickers also advertises the fact you have a dirt bike. Avoid starting your bike unnecessarily. It advertises there is a dirt bike in the neighborhood.

Make the bike unrideable:

A simple thing like removing a wheel or the seat and popping off the spark plug cap will make it unable to be ridden away and less appealing to steal. There will also be the cost of replacing the missing parts to get it running.

Popular Types Of Motorcycle Locks:

Heavy-Duty Chain Locks:

Motorcycle Chain Lock


  • Very secure with hardened steel chain
  • Ideal for fixing to a floor anchor


  • Very heavy and bulky. Best used for garage security
  • Often the lock is the weakest link

Disc Locks

Disc lock


  • Lightweight and convenient
  • easily fitted. Good visual deterrent
  • Available with or without an alarm


  • Doesn’t lock the bike to anything immovable. The bike can still be carried off
  • Will not stop a determined thief

Cable Locks

Motorcycle Cable Lock


  • Lightweight so convenient for carrying in a backpack
  • Long enough to secure your bike to a floor anchor or post/rail


  • The cable can easily be cut with bolt cutters

Motorcycle U-Locks

Motorcycle U-Lock


  • Light enough to be carried in a backpack
  • Thicker shackle diameter than a chain or cable, so harder to cut through
  • Can be large enough to lock to a suitable immovable object like a floor anchor


  • Bulky

Grip Locks

Motorcycle Grip Lock


  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Easily fitted. Good visual deterrent


  • Will not stop a determined thief

Wheel Chock Systems

Wheel Chock System


  • Allows you to secure your bike while transporting
  • Keeps bike upright for maintenance


  • Bulky. Can only be used for garage or trailer/truck security.

For more information on motorcycle lock types available: Best Dirt Bike Lock (Which Type Is Best)


Assess your own situation regarding where and how you store your bike. The key factor here is to use multiple levels of security.

Start with looking at your external garage door security, then locking the bike itself to prevent it from being ridden or wheeled away, then as an extra safeguard locking it to an immovable object like a Security Floor Anchor.

There are no guarantees when it comes to locking a motorcycle, but if you follow the prevention tips above, combined with using good quality locks, that is all you can reasonably do to protect your bike.

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What steps have you taken to secure your motorcycle? Let us know your tips for Dirt Bike security. 

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