Two Stroke or Four Stroke Dirt Bike – Which Is Best For You?

Two Stroke vs Four stroke dirt bikes

The Two-Stroke vs Four-Stroke dirt bike debate has been raging for decades, and it seems everyone has an opinion. Trying to convince a two-stroke lover of the benefits of a four-stroke, or visa versa is an exercise in futility. Can you say definitively one is better than the other? So in this post, I’ll investigate … Read more

Famous Dirt Bike Riders – Travis Pastrana Bio

Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana is a professional Motocross, Supercross, Freestyle Motocross and Stunt Performer. He is most known for his Nitro Circus shows and is quite possibly the most famous dirt bike rider ever. Between Travis Pastrana and Robbie Maddison, they have totally dominated the Freestyle Motocross and Stunt riding arenas. Personal Stats Rider: Travis Alan Pastrana … Read more

How To Adjust Your Dirt Bike Suspension – A Do It Yourself Guide

Dirt Bike suspension setup

One of the best improvements any rider can make to their bike is to adjust their dirt bike suspension. Learning how to adjust your dirt bike suspension setup to suit the terrain you’re riding that day is a big advantage. Forget about paying a suspension technician to do it for you, leave that to the … Read more

Famous Dirt Bike Riders – Robbie Maddison Bio

Robbie Maddison on water

Robbie Maddison is an Australian stunt rider, known as today’s Evel Knievel, who is famous for numerous record-breaking stunts including World’s longest motorcycle jump, World’s highest motorcycle jump, backflip jumping the open Tower Bridge in London, Corinth Canal jump in Greece, jumping down a ski ramp in Utah Olympic Park, riding a motorcycle on water, … Read more

Are Big Adventure Bikes Really Necessary?

Lightweight Adventure Bikes

There is now a growing swing towards lightweight adventure bikes. Manufacturers are now adding smaller capacity bikes to their Adventure Touring category. Whether you’re a new rider starting out or an experienced rider downsizing, there are now some great bikes available at the smaller end of the range. Ever since Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor … Read more

Hydration Pack Comparison – What Type is Best For You?

Dirt Bike Hydration Pack

The Dirt Bike hydration pack is a development that has changed things for off-road riders.  In this Hydration Pack Comparison, we look at 3 of the best in the small, medium, and large range. When I first started riding, if I wanted a drink I had to stop, get the water out of the backpack … Read more

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