1981 Honda CR250 water cooled 1st year

1981 Honda CR250

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2 thoughts on “1981 Honda CR250 water cooled 1st year”

  1. Awesome bike. Brings back awesome memories of when I had the same bike & being scared of it until I rode it a while & settled in. I went from a Kawasaki 125 4-stroke to a Suzuki RM 100 2-stroke to this 250 & what a new world it was. Had I known then what it would be worth now I’d have kept it. The power was sick! My pal had a Kaw GPZ550 street bike. I’d be on a grass field & he on paved road & I could just outrun him in 1/4 mi race. Beyond that he flew past. Rode a CR500 once & that was beyond sick trying to keep front wheel on the ground entire time. Wish I was a buyer for you but it’s not in my price range at the time. Best of luck my man


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