10 Best Boots For Enduro and Dual Sport Riding

There are subtle differences between Motocross boots and Enduro or off-road boots. The most noticeable difference is in the sole. The best Dirt Bike boots for Enduro and Dual Sport riding will feature a sole with a deeper tread pattern for more traction when off the bike, or when negotiating a tricky obstacle like a slippery hill climb.

Motocross riders will be looking for a smoother sole to allow the boot to skim the ground when railing through a bermed corner, so a chunky tread pattern is not what they want.

They both share the same impact protection qualities, but the best dirt bike boots will also be more flexible in the ankle movement to make walking more comfortable.

Adventure riders are looking for different features in a boot from dirt bike riders. Street boots aren’t up to the demands of riding off-road, and dirt-only boots are overkill and lack the comfort needed by adventure-touring riders who wear their boots all day, both off and on the bike.

Adventure riders may need to do a lot of walking in them, and generally wear their riding pants over the boot, so adventure boots are usually lower, more flexible in the foot, and waterproofing is a requirement given the occasional stream crossing and wet weather riding.

With all that in mind, I have reviewed 10 boots, ranging from entry-level off-road boots to full-on enduro boots designed for competitive off-road riding, through to adventure boots that fall into that middle ground between street and dirt riding.

Quick Summary

1. Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots – Top Pick
2. Gaerne SG-12 Boots – Best High-End Off-road Boot
3. Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro Boots  – Best Budget Off-road Boot
4. Leatt 5.5 FlexLock Boots
5. Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS
6. Gaerne G-Adventure Boots – Best Budget Adventure Boot
7. Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar Boots
8. Forma FOADVBN45 Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots
9. Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots
10. Sidi Adventure 2 Goretex Boots Best High-End Adventure Boot

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike Boot for You

Top 3 Things To Consider

1. Sturdy construction: Priority number one for a good boot is to protect your feet and lower legs from impacts. Look for boots with a hard-toe box, good shin protection, and lots of ankle support and protection.

2. Sole Material: Here is where there is a distinct difference between motocross and enduro boots. Look for a sole with a suitable grip for walking and pushing your bike in slippery conditions. In trail and enduro situations there are many times you need to get off the bike to manhandle it. In motocross this rarely happens – it’s a race.

3. Upper Protection: Leather construction of the upper boot gives you good durability and comfort. Even if there is a lot of synthetic material in the upper portion, you will usually see a leather pad on the inner side of the bike where it contacts the bike. It withstands heat better and lasts longer.

Other features to look for:

  • A good buckle system, preferably aluminum with a secure closure that is easy to use even when caked with mud, and replaceable if necessary
  • A good gator around the top of the boot to keep the dust and dirt out
  • Enough ankle flex to walk in them easily. A hinged pivot system is a great feature
  • A tough instep sole that grips your footpegs and can be replaced
  • Water resistance is always good, especially for adventure riders, but generally, dirt bike boots are not waterproof

I have been riding dirt bikes of one kind or another for over 40 years. In that time I have bought and worn out more gear than I care to remember. Do I own every piece of equipment that I write a review on? No. That would cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I do my research as if I were buying for myself to save you time and give you enough information for you to make an informed decision on what is best for your needs based on my 40-odd years of riding.

I eliminate any product from my list that I wouldn’t use myself or be comfortable recommending to my friends. I’ll give you the positives and negatives of the gear, not just the positives.

Here are what I consider to be 10 of the best dirt bike boots available today. 5 Dual Sport/Enduro boots, and 5 Adventure riding boots.

1. Alpinestars Tech 7  Enduro Boots

Alpinestars Tech 7 Boot

The Alpinestars Tech 7 is the third from the top of their boot range, after the Tech 8 and Tech 10.

The Tech 7 Enduro is specifically designed for enduro and off-road riders.  The smooth MX sole doesn’t work for off-road use, so there is a new dual compound sole with a softer compound at the instep area for good grip on the footpegs, and a sole more suited to walking on muddy trails.

The whole foot shell is now a single plastic molding to give a more streamlined lower profile. It replaces the stitched sole of earlier models.

The ‘Biomechanical Pivot’ hinge system gives the boot good flexibility at the ankle, a better feel for gear shifting and braking, and makes it easier to walk in them.

The back of the boot features a new TPU blade system that guards the ankle joint against hyperflexion, which could prevent a broken ankle.

The redesigned buckle system has a memory setting so that you only have to adjust them once, and are easy to operate even when caked with mud.



  • The upper is constructed from an innovative microfiber material that is flexible and abrasion-resistant. The upper material is reinforced with TPU for improved water resistance and durability
  • Specifically designed compound sole for durability, grip, and structural rigidity. The sole and instep are replaceable
  • TPU shin plate and medial protection are constructed from one single part for greater structural integrity and stability. The anatomically profiled shin plate features a dual closure system with an internal microfiber flap attached with velcro for a precise fit closure
  • TPU medial side panel incorporates a honeycomb rubber insert and is designed for excellent grip against the bike providing heat protection


  • New TPU ankle protection system incorporates a biomechanical link between the middle and lower sections of the boot to help prevent injury
  • An innovative one-piece dual compound foot shell with a co-injected hard toe protector and integrated steel shank. The shell is highly resistant to abrasion and impacts and adds to the boot’s overall durability and streamlining
  • Contoured shin protector plate is injected with a high modulus polymer for impact resistance and incorporates a blade flex system for control of movement, added protection for your Achilles tendon and to help prevent hyperflexion
  • The Tech 7 is CE Certified


  • Redesigned instep and Achilles accordion flex zones for improved comfort and support
  • Extended microfiber gaiter helps prevent excessive water and dirt entry
  • Internal 3D lining includes an anti-slide microfiber suede on the heel to help keep your foot in position
  • Soft foam reinforcement on ankles and collar for long-lasting comfort and shock absorption
  • New dual compound, removable anatomic footbed which includes EVA and Lycra top for comfort and support and ensures even weight distribution and a reinforced heel
  • Wide entry aperture for easy fitting and allows for a wide range of calf sizes and fitting a knee protector if you use one
  • An innovative buckle closure system that includes high-impact aluminum bridge closures, with memory settings and a quick release locking system with a self-aligning design for precise closure. All buckles are replaceable.


  • Excellent ankle mobility with the hinged pivot system
  • Light, quick-action aluminum buckle system
  • Comfortable to walk in
  • Superb ankle protection


  • Thick armor to upper boot may be hard to fit under some pants

For a full review on this boot: Alpinestars Tech 7 Boot Review – Enduro & Off-Road Riders Choice

2. Gaerne SG 12 Boots

Gaerne SG-12 Boots

The Gaerne SG-12 Boots are regarded by many as the best off-road motorcycle boots on the planet!

Numerous dirt bike magazines have tested the boots and come back with a 5-star rating for being the most durable, comfortable, and supportive boot available to date.

Gaerne has been manufacturing motorcycle footwear for over 50 years and completely centralized design, construction, and quality control under one roof in northern Italy, just outside of Treviso. The result is a premium boot with no compromises.

A unique feature of the SG-12 is that the shin plate can be adjusted to accommodate larger calf sizes or a knee brace. By simply removing 3 Philips head screws the upper boot enclosure can be adjusted to one of three different positions. This is great for anyone who has tried fitting a knee brace or protector into your boots.

Lower-spec boots typically have stiff uppers and soft soles, making them uncomfortable to wear and too stiff to easily manipulate foot controls. The soft soles also transfer a lot of impact directly to the rider’s feet.

The SG-12 takes the opposite approach. The pivot hinge provides good flex at the ankle giving foot controls more feel, and the sole is stiff enough to absorb impacts through the pegs, but not too stiff to walk around in.

Combine that with a soft memory foam footbed in the interior of the boot and these boots are comfortable to wear all day.

The new SG-12 even features a new ‘G’ logo for an exciting first impression.

If hard riding is your passion, and you want a high-end Italian design that works exceedingly well, the Gaerne SG-12 is a sure bet.


  • Dual Stage Pivot System: This patented system is exclusive to Gaerne. The first pivot is attached to the ‘Razorback’ and provides strong lateral support, while a glide-plate keeps the upper boot firmly in an upright position. The second pivot is fixed on a sliding guide that allows your foot to feel natural on the peg while shifting and braking. It will ‘bottom out’ and absorb shock in the case of unwanted compression.
  • Grip Guard: Located on the inner side of the boot to give you a good grip on your bike and heat-resistant padding against your leg
  • Front Plate/Shin Guard: The new Thermoplastic shin plate is anatomically shaped to give you a perfect fit. Removing three screws can make the opening wider for a larger calf or accommodate a knee brace.
  • Buckle System: Four lightweight alloy buckles provide an ‘easy in’ and ‘easy out’ of the boot.
  • Gaiter: The new Swiss breathable fabric called Acronos is extremely stretchy and shaped to keep sand and dirt out.
  • Interior Lining: ‘Gaerne Memory Cell Foam’ lined for a comfortable fit and feel.
  • Heel Cup: New design to absorb shock in the case of rear compression, and a nice place for the new ‘G’ logo.
  • Toe-Box: New design features a slimmer shape for an improved feel of your bike’s controls.
  • Toe Cap: Has been redesigned with a new shape and reinforced for toughness.
  • Sole: New-look sole is ‘Dual Composite’ anti-shock rubber for improved grip on and off the bike.
  • Insole: A new molded footbed to correctly support your foot. At the heel, new shock-absorbing material has been used, and the front portion has been redesigned to allow the foot to vent.


  • Excellent ankle mobility with a hinged pivot system
  • Comfortable right out of the box


  • Pricey but top-of-the-line
  • Ankle pivots squeak but can be fixed with a little silicone spray

3. Alpinestars Tech 3  Enduro Boots

Alpinestars Tech 3 BootThe Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro Boot is the Alpinestars entry-level boot at the lower price range of just over $200. They’re a great value for money for riders new to the game or even more experienced riders. It has features that are normally found in higher-priced boots.

The Tech 3 replaces the old Tech 1 and Tech 3, now there is just the new Tech 3. It shares a lot of the features of the Tech 5 and Tech 7.

The most noticeable difference is that there are 3 buckles, not 4 and they are a Polymer and not aluminum like the Tech 5 and 7.

The only difference between the Enduro and the Motocross version is in the sole. The Enduro has more of a lug-style tread better for off-road use, and again it is replaceable like the Tech 5 and 7.

There is a generous amount of TPU on the inner side of the boot for grip and heat resistance from your bike, and the accordion stretch panels extend all the way up the back of the boot.

If you’re looking for a name-brand boot, without blowing the budget, these may be the answer.

From all reports, the sizing is pretty accurate, so whatever size you normally wear, is the size to order.



  • Upper construction is from a light microfiber material that is flexible and abrasion-resistant
  • Extended inside and outside plate guards the side and toe box area
  • Internal TPU reinforcement on the inner side of the boot is covered by thick stamped suede for increased grip on your bike and heat resistance
  • All-terrain high grip rubber compound sole with a contoured stainless steel shank and steel toe guard
  • The toe box is made of synthetic material for abrasion resistance


  • Contoured TPU Shin protector plate is injected with a high modulus PU (Polyurethane) for high impact and abrasion resistance
  • Patented ‘ankle brace’ system with shock-absorbing ankle padding
  • Reinforced leather plate along the rear of the boot
  • Bio-mechanical medial blade system allows for a good front/rear flex and gives support and protection to the ankle
  • The Tech 3 is CE Certified to EN 13634:2010


  • Stitched instep flex zone
  • 3 buckles with memory featuring a quick release/locking system. The buckles are injected with a high-impact resistant technopolymer with a ratchet memory and self-aligning for precise closure. All buckles are replaceable.
  • The top of the boot is sealed with a Velcro strap connected to elastic stretch PVC
  • Polyfabric internal lining coupled with a multi-density EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
  • Removable anatomic footbed
  • Extended PU synthetic gaiter helps prevent dirt and water entry


  • Replaceable soles and buckles
  • CE Certified
  • Low priced


  • Buckles are not aluminum

4. Leatt 5.5 FlexLock Boots

Leatt 5.5 FlexLock boots

The Leatt 5.5 FlexLock Boot enters the market as direct competition to the Alpinestars Tech 7 and Tech 10 and now gives riders another option in the top-of-the-line boot market.

Leatt is a well-known quality brand, first coming to the market with the Leatt neck brace. They now offer a wide range of riding gear to cover the rider from head to toe.

The CPX 5.5 boot has been 3 years in development and testing by pro riders from all over the world like Jonny Walker and Ryan Sipes.

In terms of aesthetics, the Leatt 5.5 boots have a modern and aggressive design that’s sure to catch attention. The sleek lines and carefully chosen color combinations certainly add to their overall appeal.

The Leat 4.5 and 5.5 Boot. What are the differences?

The 5.5 is the bigger brother to the 4.5. They look very similar, but there are a few differences:

  • The buckles are forged aluminum on the 5.5 and a polymer composite and the 4.5. They are replaceable on both boot
  • The 4.5 does include the Flexlock system and the hyperextension protection of the 5.
  • The inner heat shield face of the boot is replaceable on the 5.5 but not on the 4.5
  • The sole is replaceable on both boots

If you’re a really aggressive trail rider, a racer, or are looking to protect an old ankle injury, the 5.5 is the more likely choice for you.

One of the standout features of the 5.5 boots is the FlexLock system. So what is this FlexLock system that gives the boot its name?

Leat claims it reduces the forces absorbed by the ankle by up to 37% and the knee by up to 35%. I’m not sure how this is measured, but looking at the shank at the archiles tendon area and the Flexlock plate on the outer ankle I can believe it.

The boots come with another interchangeable insert to allow you to adjust the sideways flex.

The LockOut system allows ankle movement when riding, but limits hyperextension of the ankle by locking out in both downward and upward directions. Too much movement at the ankle is a bad thing and can lead to ankle injuries.

This is a big selling point if you are looking to prevent hyperextension in both directions to protect an old injury.

SlideLock velcro closure at the cuff. Leatt has developed an auto-locking, one-way sliding velcro that ends the problem of bunching up the velcro as you are closing the top buckle. It was always one of those annoying little things that you had to readjust the velcro as you closed the top buckle.

The one-way velcro simply slides tighter as you close the top buckle and doesn’t come off until you lift it off. A small thing but a nice feature.

There is plenty of adjustment to allow for knee protectors or knee braces inside the boot if you use them.

The inner face of the boot that grips the bike and also acts as a heat shield against the engine is flat, textured, and grippy to give you a firm feel of the bike. The construction looks tough yet flexible.
I have found no reports of this area cracking. The upper section is replaceable.

The buckles are forged aluminum and stainless steel base. The lower buckle has a plastic protection ‘ramp’ type edge to deflect impacts away from the buckle. The buckles are replaceable in the unlikely event you break them.

The 5.5 FlexLock Enduro boot comes with a chunky treaded sole which is important for enduro and trail riders for those times when you have to manhandle the bike on slippery rock or muddy terrain.

Motocross riders will be looking for the smoother sole option which is also available, which allows easier skimming of the boot through berms and ruts.

There is an extended area of the harder sole which allows the rider to ride with the pegs either on the instep or the balls of the feet, and is steel shank reinforced. This section is replaceable, so allows for an extended boot life.



  • Forged aluminum buckles with an Over-lock system and stainless steel base
  • 3D-shaped impact foam at ankles for added protection to prevent the heel lifting
  • The inner (medial) face of the boot is flat and grippy for a great feel of the bike
  • Steel shank reinforced and CE certified sole with DualZone hard construction to extended footpeg area for arch and on-the-toes riding style


  • FlexLock System allows adjustable lower boot flex in the sideways movement with interchangeable inserts
  • LockOut ankle movement: up to 37% reduction of ankle forces and up to 35% reduction of forces to the knee
  • CE tested and certified as: prEN 13634:2017


  • Breathable mesh liner with anti-slip reinforcement and is moisture-wicking
  • Fit: Comfortable even for wide-foot riders
  • Closure: SlideLock velcro cuff system for a one-way sliding closure
  • Toe-Box: Low-profile for easy gear shifting
  • Sole: Enduro pattern for grip when pushing the bike


  • Many replaceable parts
  • Unique Slidelock velcro not found in any other boot
  • Excellent value for money compared to other top-flight boots


  • May feel too stiff for some trail riders, but track riders will like

For a full review on this boot: Leatt 5.5 FlexLock Boots Review

5. Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS  Boots

Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

Sidi has for many years dominated the European market, and since the company has gone global one of the main reasons for its success has been the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boot range.

The Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS is a top-of-the-line motocross boot, but I have included it as an enduro boot because of the unique SRS (Sole Replacement System) that allows you to easily swap out the sole in a matter of minutes, depending on the type of riding you’re doing that day.

The sole can be swapped from the smooth MX sole to the E1 Enduro sole or even the Supermoto sole, which makes this boot a versatile choice.

A laminated 3mm thick ‘Technomicro’ material is used as the base material in all areas of the boot.
The Crossfire is a boot with a hard outer shell but the movement isn’t restricted because of Sidi’s Dual Flex hinge system. The boots are comfortable straight out of the box and need no wearing in

A great feature is the calf plate system with an inner double adjustment that expands to suit different calf sizes or to accommodate a knee brace.

The insoles are made from nylon and a rigid, shock-resistant, anatomically shaped heel is designed to hold your foot firm and resist twisting.

The SRS is lined with an anti-abrasion Cambrelle in the foot area and the upper is lined with Teflon mesh which helps prevent the absorption of water and sweat.

The buckle system can be a point of frustration on some boots, especially after a muddy ride, but the replaceable cam-lock system on the Sidi is easily operated, micro-adjustable, and needs to only be done once.


  • Lined with air Teflon mesh and Cambrelle
  • Upper boot is leather and a Microfiber material
  • Replaceable shin plate
  • Micro-adjustable and replaceable buckles
  • Dual flex hinge system for ankle flexibility
  • Adjustable calf system to fit all sizes
  • Replaceable Metatarsus inserts for impact protection
  • Thermoplastic defender in the toe area
  • Anatomically shaped heel to keep your foot in place
  • Assembled and replaceable bootleg, it is stitch-free
  • Nylon inner sole with a removable arch support
  • Rubber sole can be replaced to suit MX, Enduro, or Supermoto
  • CE Approved


  • Unique Sole Replacement System
  • All parts on the boot can be replaced
  • Excellent ankle mobility with the hinged pivot system


  • Sole does not flex much, liked by some and not by others
  • A bit pricey but a top-of-the-line boot

6. Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

The Gaerne G-Adventure Boot was designed with the adventure touring, Dual Sport, and ATV rider in mind.

It is a Dual Sport ‘crossover’ type of boot giving you a mix between a rugged off-road boot and a road touring boot, with a mix of features that are both stylish and comfortable as well as protective.

It is in the under $300 price range that gives you a good bang for your buck.

The G-Adventure has a ‘Drytech’ waterproof and breathable built-in membrane within the boot that is non-removable. It is designed to keep the water and elements out while wicking the sweat away from your foot and allowing it to evaporate through the membrane keeping your foot cool and dry.

The high-grip lug-style sole gives you a good grip on the ground and is comfortable to walk in.

There is a good amount of TPU protection at the front of the boot to protect your shin from impacts.

The leather gaitor gives you a good seal around your leg whether you wear your pants over or under the boots.

They come in one color only, black.


  • Full-grain leather construction with Lug-style sole for grip when off your bike
  • Drytech waterproof membrane for adverse conditions
  • 3 cam-lock style buckle closure for quick easy in/out
  • Plastic reinforced shifter pads to the top of the foot for gear lever control
  • Leather gaitor to seal out dust and dirt
  • Velcro top closure with TPR pull tab
  • Moisture-wicking breathable liner to draw the sweat away from your body
  • Padded interior for a comfortable fit
  • Reinforced toe box
  • High-grip rugged Lug-style vulcanized rubber sole
  • Made in Italy


  • Waterproof boot
  • Leather construction


  • Buckles are not aluminum

Note: Sometimes unavailable on Amazon. Alternative link to Gaerne

7. Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar Boots

Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar BootsThe Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar Boots are the baby brother to the Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex touring boots (at No. 9) which sell for an additional $200.

The Corozal is an excellent boot in the under $300 price range which is packed with protective features normally found in higher-end boots, such as the polymer shin plate and the lateral ankle protection with the biomechanical link between the upper boot and lower foot structure.

The Corozal is a 50/50 blend between the dirt bike boot and the softer touring boot. You’re getting some of the DNA of the full dirt boot but with the creature comforts of the touring boot.

It can be worn with your riding pants over or under the boots, and the waterproof capability and comfort both on and off the bike make this boot very popular with adventure riders.



  • Multi-material construction incorporating PU-coated leather, microfiber, and suede leather for comfort, durability, and abrasion resistance.
  • Extensive front and lower rear accordion flex zones constructed from microfiber for comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Breathable textile interior lining throughout the boot.
  • Integrated breathable DRYSTAR membrane for all-weather performance to keep your feet dry.
  • Internal high modulus polyamide insole with integrated steel shank reinforcement for support to the arch area.
  • The midsole is constructed from molded PU foam for lighter weight.
  • CE Certified


  • Medial surface stamped suede panel for improved grip and protection.
  • Lateral ankle protection with a biomechanical blade-link between the upper boot and the lower foot structure.
  • TPU shift pad on the top of the foot with patterning for improved control of the gear lever.
  • Lightweight polymer shin-plate and lateral ankle protection for impact resistance and support.
  • Medial and lateral dual density ankle protector disks are incorporated into the boot chassis for strategic ankle protection.
  • Integrated soft foam surrounds the ankle and collar for comfort, fit, and extra shock absorption


  • New buckle closure system which allows for easy in and out. The buckles are a durable TPU and glass fiber reinforced Nylon for weight saving. They include a micro-ratchet memory system for quick and precise closure. All buckles are replaceable.
  • Wide-entry aperture opening for easy in/out plus a secure upper TPR and Velcro closure system which allows for a wide range of calf sizes, or fitting knee guards.
  • Highly flexible sole tread features a vulcanized rubber compound for comfort and grip when walking.
  • Removable anatomic footbed includes EVA foam and Lycra for comfort and support.
  • Ergonomic shaping for forefoot streamlining enables greater control of the bike’s gear shift and brake controls.


  • CE Certified
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable to walk in


  • Click when you walk
  • Take a bit of wearing in
  • Buckles aren’t aluminum but are replaceable

8. Forma FOADVBN45 Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Forma Adventure BootsThe Forma Adventure boots are designed specifically with the adventure rider in mind.

They combine the comfort of a road boot with the extra protective features and the full height of an off-road boot.

They have a vintage leather finish which is great for those who love the classic leather boot with its durability and flexibility. You only have to look at them to see that they’re a well-designed adventure motorcycle boot with great aesthetics.

The ‘Drytex’ waterproof and breathable lining keeps your feet dry and doesn’t limit the range of motion, very important for adventure and off-road riders.

The double-density sole gives you a superb grip on the bike and a grippy surface to walk on when off the bike. Be aware, however, the sole is thin and not designed for bikes with aggressive MX style footpegs.

As far as protection goes, they are OK, but not as protective as the full-on enduro boot. The heel cup and toe box are relatively soft, which adds to the comfort, great for adventure riding, but for aggressive off-road riding, you may want something a little stiffer.

The integrated TPU inserts and reinforcements give you additional protection from impacts.

The buckles, while plastic are claimed to be unbreakable. I have found no reports of breakage.

The Forma is also available in the Low Boot version which some adventure riders prefer, saving you about $30.


  • Full-grain oiled treated leather upper for flexibility and durability
  • Updated ‘Drytex’ waterproof and breathable lining
  • Vintage leather finish
  • Adventure double density anti-slip rubber sole for traction off the bike
  • Injection-molded plastic front plate for impact protection
  • Plastic gear lever pad protection on the top of the foot
  • Internal molded plastic protection
  • Adjustable velcro closure at top
  • Unbreakable and adjustable GH plastic buckles
  • Shin and ankle TPU molded plastic protection
  • Special rigid nylon mid-sole with steel shank
  • Extra soft polymer padding with memory foam
  • Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed with APS (Air Pump System)
  • Double density rubber sole designed for adventure/enduro/ATV-quad riders


  • Leather construction
  • More waterproof than most off-road boots
  • Comfortable to walk in


  • Lightweight Sole not recommended for use with kick start bikes or bikes with aggressive MX foot-pegs
  • Plastic buckles

Note: Sometimes unavailable on Amazon. Alternative link to Forma USA

9. Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Touring Boots

alpinestars toucan gore tex bootThe Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Touring Boots meet the needs of adventure riders by landing squarely in the middle ground between road and off-road extremes.

They are the bigger brother to the Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar boots at number 7 in this review and the Italian brand’s top-level adventure boot.

They offer all-day comfort in a waterproof boot that provides all the protection you’ll need when riding your adventure bike off-road.

They’re stiffer to walk in than street boots, but they don’t need any break-in period, you can use them right out of the box. Putting them on is easier than most dirt bike boots. There are only 2 aluminum buckles that provide a secure closure combined with a wide velcro patch at the top of the boot.

The innovative locking system is very fast and self-aligning and all buckles are easily replaceable.

The attention to detail is obvious with this premium boot. It combines leather and suede construction with CE-certified armor protection and a 100% waterproof yet breathable Gore-Tex liner.

All the impact areas, toe, heel, ankle, and shin are well protected and the articulated joint in the ankle armor provides flexibility for walking and operating the gear shift and brake. It’s a little simpler than the hinge system on the Sidi Adventure and appears to limit the flexion of the ankle a little more.

The innovative lateral ankle protection system is flexible and acts as an axis between the upper and lower parts of the boot.

The inner side of the boot is contoured and has polymer reinforcements that aid in gripping your bike and providing heat protection from your bike.

The inner heel and toe, which are the highest impact areas of the boot are covered with a protective layer of TPU.

The steel-shanked sole has a unique hexagonal pattern of the tread to aid traction both on and off your bike. The boots can be worn both over and under your riding pants leg.



  • A fully CE certified boot incorporating full leather and suede with a 100% waterproof Gore-Tex membrane
  • Sole construction features an integrated steel shank for improved comfort and durability


  • An innovative lateral ankle protection system forms a link between the upper boot and lower boot area for extra support
  • Medial (inner) side structure is contoured for a perfect fit, with a reinforced polymer sculpturing for grip and heat protection
  • Advanced TPU protection layer covers the internal heel counter and toe box which enhances support and rigidity in key impact areas
  • Coated leather panel forms the outer surface of the toe box providing effective abrasion resistance against the gear lever
  • The heel is housed in a molded external protector for increased impact absorption
  • Contoured polymer shin guard incorporates an innovative vertical blade system for improved forward and rear control and support
  • Medial surface stamped calf suede panel which improves grip and protection


  • Advanced instep and Achilles accordion flex zones for superior comfort, control, and support
  • Wide-entry aperture for easy entry combined with a hard polymer and Velcro closure to allow for a wide range of calf sizes or adjustments to suit a knee protector
  • Closure system features replaceable slim aluminum buckles for security with memory adjustments and a quick-release locking system
  • Upper boot collar and the inner lining are constructed from a breathable mesh for added comfort
  • Removable anatomically profiled EVA foam footbed
  • Alpinestars exclusive rubber compound sole for grip both on and off the bike
  • Lateral side vent for added airflow


  • CE Certified
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex lining
  • Excellent off-road protection


  • Gore-Tex lining can feel hot when temps get up

10. Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

Sidi Adventure 2 Goretex BootsSidi adventure motorcycle boots have been the standard by which all others are measured for a number of years. With the Adventure 2, they have made a brilliant boot even better.

They have everything you could want in an adventure boot. Since 2017 the updates have included:

A higher Gore-Tex gaiter which is 3 inches (7cm) higher than previous models. It is now the full height of the boot for increased waterproofing (great when fording water crossings). It is now the highest Gore-Tex waterproof liner on the market. You’re getting 14″ of coverage from your sole to your calf.

There is a more flexible shaft to accommodate a wider range of calf sizes, and generally more flexibility throughout the boot due to strategically placed flex zones.

There are now two new flex zones at the front of the ankle and one above the heel. So they feel comfortable right out of the box and are better for walking in.

The ankle flex system, tongue-in-groove Achilles protector, and other TPUs have been refined to give a slimmer overall profile and less bulky feel.

Sidi has now included a hinge on the ankles, which gives more flex when walking and operating your controls on the bike. It’s responsible for what Sidi has become known for – the ‘Sidi Squeak’.

It’s hardly a deal-breaker but if that doesn’t bother you, these boots are as good as it gets, they’re one of the best all-weather on/off-road adventure boots money can buy.

The only other adventure boots in their class for overall performance are the Alpinestars Toucans, at number 9 in this review.


  • Gore-Tex highly breathable and waterproof membrane
  • Single Flex System upper
  • Tongue-in-groove rear of calf panels which protect the Achilles tendon
  • Bonded non-slip lug-type sole for grip when walking
  • Replaceable micro adjustable cam lock buckle system with memory retention straps for one-time adjustment
  • Sidi’s new Full Grain Microfiber material is used for the upper boot construction along with Cordura
  • Nylon inner sole with a removable arch support pad
  • A beefy pull tab for easy entry and exit of the boot
  • Velcro-secured upper flap with an elastic expansion panel
  • Cambrelle lining
  • Rigid, shock resistant anatomically shaped heel with hyperextension block for maximum protection from an ankle injury
  • Split grain leather inner anti-wear/heat panels to the inner side of the boot
  • A reflective panel is placed above the heel for night riding visibility


  • Waterproof Gore-Tex lining
  • Excellent ankle mobility with a hinged pivot system
  • Excellent off-road protection


  • Squeak when walking
  • Gore-Tex lining can feel hot when temps get up


We have looked at boots ranging from entry-level off-road boots to full-on Enduro boots designed entirely for competitive off-road riding, through to adventure boots for riders looking for all-day comfort, without looking like a storm-trooper with all the dirt-only protective features.

Top Pick: The Alpinestars Tech 7: Has all the features you are looking for in an off-road boot but without the top-of-the-range price tag. They will handle any off-road riding situation whether casual weekend trail riding on your dual sport bike or competitive Enduro racing.

Best High-End Off-road Boot:  Gaerne SG-12 Boots: When you simply want the best protection possible for off-road riding, the SG-12 is widely regarded as the best-of-the-best. The only boot that can compete with it is from another Italian manufacturer, the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS. It is really only a matter of brand loyalty that separates them. You can’t go wrong with either.

Best Budget Off-road Boot: Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro Boots. An entry-level boot that has a lot of the protective features of the Tech 5, Tech 7, and other higher-priced boots, but at a price that will suit the new rider not wanting to spend a lot of money.

Best Budget Adventure Boot: Gaerne G-Adventure Boots. This stylish waterproof adventure boot is ‘Bang for your buck’ if you are getting into adventure riding and looking for all-day comfort and some off-road protection without blowing the budget. And it’s a Gaerne!

Best High-End Adventure Boot: Sidi Adventure 2 Goretex Boots. If you’re serious about your adventure riding and want the best there is available. The only boot in its class that comes near is the Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boot. Again, there’s so little in it that your decision will probably come down to brand loyalty as to which way you go. Both are in a class of their own.

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Have you used any of the boots in this review? Are you using a boot that has served you well over the years? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “10 Best Boots For Enduro and Dual Sport Riding”

  1. First of all, they look amazing! I love how you educate us about the important aspects of choosing the right boots. I do have some questions though. As a beginner, do you think I should invest in a good pair of boots from the get go? Is it really that crucial for the sport? I’m just getting started and don’t really know if this could become a long term hobby. I would hate to buy some expensive equipment and regret it later, like many of my other interests.

    thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Wei, thanks for your comments. Your choice of boot depends a lot on the type of riding you do and how much off-road riding you do. If you’re just getting started and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Alpinestars Tech 3 has a lot of the features of the more expensive boots but you’re only spending about $200. 

      If a lot of the riding you do is on the road, maybe an adventure riding boot is a better choice, especially if you want to wear them all day and walk around in them. The Gaerne G-adventure boot is the cheapest of the adventure boots in the review at about $250. All the boots in the review are excellent boots, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any more help. Thanks for stopping in.


  2. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.Alpinestars Tech 3  Enduro Boots is my choice among the review.  After reading the pros and cons, it’s features are so amazing and lovely, the prices is pocket friendly.I would love to make a request to this soon. Best regards  

    • Hi and thanks for your comments. Yes, the Alpinestars Tech 3 is a great boot and is good value for money. Being an Alpinestars you know you are getting a top quality boot, even at the lower end of the price scale.

      Thanks for stopping in.


  3. I’m using the Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Touring Boots for my biking adventure.  I bought this boot because of the terrain around my neighborhood. It’s a muddy area with pines and broken pieces of woods. The boot affords me the comfort and luxury because of its breathable feature and protective layer of TPU.

  4. Hello Greg, you have vividly described the different features one need to look out for when purchasing boots for either motocross riding or off road riding. The sole makes all the difference because getting boot with wrong sole can lead to some difficulty in climbing slippery places.

    Of all the endure boots you reviewed, I specifically love Gaerne SG 12 Boots. I love the fact that the shin plate can be adjusted to accommodate larger calf sizes or knee brace. Its features are simply wonderful, especially the Insole feature.

    • Hi Gracen. The Gaerne is a top of the line boot. It has everything you could want in a dirt bike boot, no compromises. Thanks for your comments.


  5. Thanks for sharing this article on 10 best boots for Enduro and dual sport driving. I love the boots and the different specifications and features you gave in this article. I agree with you that sturdy construction, sole material and upper protection are most important things to consider in getting a dirt bike boot. And among the lots I think the Alpinestars Tech 3  Enduro Boots is appealing to me because of its replaceable sole and as well it is low priced. I can use this to go on my riding on weekends. Thanks for sharing this article. 

    • The Alpinestars Tech 3 is a very popular boot at the lower end of the price scale, without sacrificing a lot of safety features. I have no hesitation in recommending it, I have heard no negative reviews about it. Thanks for your comments.


  6. I will like to commend your effort in writing this great article about the 10 Best Boots For Enduro and Dual Sport Riding…my elder brother is really into Bike riding, and the he has been about the bike boot he just acquired, saying that it is too heavy. I will like to know if there will be another recommendation for him or if they are generally heavy? 

    • Hi Barry. What type of riding does your brother do? Is he mainly riding off-road, or is some of his riding on the road?

      Generally, the more off-road orientated boots are a bit heavier due to all the protection on them, about 6 or 7 pounds. The lightest boot in the review is the Gaerne G-Adventure boot at about 3 pounds. It is designed for about 50/50 on/off-road. Some of the boots in the review are designed to be lightweight. 

      It all depends on the type of riding he does. You can get away with less of the protective features, and therefore use a lighter boot if most of your riding is on the road.

      Hope this helps. 


  7. The best soil bicycle boots for enduro or rough terrain riding will include a sole with a more profound track design for more footing when off the bicycle, or when arranging a precarious hindrance like an elusive slope climb. Motocross riders will search for a smoother sole to enable the boot to skim the ground when railing through a bermed corner, so a stout track example isn’t what they need.

  8. Hi Greg,
    Loved the article, happy to stumble on it by chance. But I am missing something. Some of the boots comply and certified according to ce EN 13634 standard. Do you think that is an important feature to consider? I’ve noticed that gaerne don’t have any off road boots approved, and Alpinestars didn’t have the tech-10 approved but the tech-8 and below are approved.
    Also what is your opinion on TCX boots?

    • Hi Boris, thanks for your comments.

      CE rating is certainly something I’d be looking for in a high-end boot. It’s a mystery why a top boot like Gaerne wouldn’t have a CE rated boot.
      In a mid-range boot like the Tech 7, it is definitely a bonus, and I’d choose a CE rated boot over non-rated for the same money.

      The TCX boots are an excellent boot. They offer a wide range for all types of motorcycling, dirt, street, casual boots, and Goretex waterproofing in their higher-end boots. It’s an Italian company that started in 1999 as Oxtar.
      They were the first boot company to have CE certification on all their products. I’ve never owned any but I’ve never read any bad reviews on them. Seem like a good product.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  9. What a well-written and thorough article. I was surprised that no Forma boots made your recommend list. I have the Terra Evo X, and chose it’s particular combination of comfort (for me, the wide toe box was key) and protection. I understand them to also be well-made Italian boots, but maybe the Adventure and others are too soft and comfortable at the expense of protection to make your list? Do you have thoughts on them?

    • Hi Chris. The Terra Evo X that you have is the next level up from the Forma Adventure boot. I agree with you, the Adventure boot is softer and has less protective features, and is more suited to the rider who spends more time sitting down on the bike. They would be more comfortable to wear all day and spend a lot of time wearing them off the bike.
      The Evo X at $100 more would be closer to the high-end adventure boots like the Sidi and Alpinestars Toucan at numbers 9 & 10, for the rider who spends a lot of time off-road standing on the pegs.
      I included the Gaerne G-Aventure boots as the budget entry-level adventure boots and the Sidi Adventure boots as the top-end boots, so the Forma Adventure boot would fit as a mid-level boot between them.
      I went on an adventure ride with a friend a while back and he had the Forma Adventure boots and was very pleased with them. Very comfortable to walk around in also.
      You made a good choice with the Terra Evo X. Thanks for your thoughts.


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