Action Cam Mounting Tips – For Dirt Bike Riders

Action Cam Mounting Tips

Action Camera technology has come a long way since the iconic shot above. Cameras like the GoPro have become the go-to tool for POV videos, especially for adrenaline junkies. Professionals and amateurs alike are able to capture footage from amazing angles and share their videos with the world. In the motorcycling world, whether its road … Read more

Nutrition And Hydration Tips For Dirt Bike Riders

Nutrition and Hydration Tips for Dirt Bike Riders

If you’re doing a multi-day competition event or even a one day or weekend trail ride, it is important to think about nutrition and hydration for your dirt bike ride. Pre-event planning is critical to ensure your body has adequate fluid and fuel stores before the ride and maintaining it during your ride. Inadequate preparation, … Read more

Two Stroke or Four Stroke Dirt Bike – Which Is Best For You?

Two Stroke vs Four stroke dirt bikes

The Two-Stroke vs Four-Stroke dirt bike debate has been raging for decades, and it seems everyone has an opinion. Trying to convince a two-stroke lover of the benefits of a four-stroke, or visa versa is an exercise in futility. Can you say definitively one is better than the other? So in this post, I’ll investigate … Read more

What are the differences between Dual Sport and Adventure bikes

Lightweight Adventure bikes

Dual Sport vs Adventure bike New riders looking to purchase a bike can find it a little confusing deciding which type of bike to go for. Both types of bikes are designed to be ridden on the road or off-road. The main difference is where each is more comfortable. So what are the pros and … Read more

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