Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag Review

Giant Loop is a name that is synonymous with building durable and rugged luggage products designed to get you off-road. The Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag is a roll-top luggage system designed for dual sports and lightweight adventure bike riders who are looking to hit the trails on multi-day adventure rides.

Giant Loop pioneered the rackless motorcycle luggage system with its original horseshoe-shaped Giant Loop Saddlebag back in 2008.

The rackless design positions your load tight into the motorcycle with ‘legs’ that store the heavy gear below the seat height, which helps keep the bike’s center of gravity low and minimizes the performance impact on the motorcycle.

The horseshoe design combines two motorcycle panniers and a tail bag into a single ‘biomorphic’ shape which requires no sub-frame modifications, racks, or passenger pegs to secure it.

Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag

The Coyote allows you to carry enough gear for overnight or multi-day trips, and still have access to the entire seat, allowing you to move around on the bike in aggressive off-road situations.

The new Roll Top is a fresh update on the original zipper closure saddlebag design. The roll-top closure seals out water and dust while maintaining the packable volume.

The larger Great Basin saddlebag (68+ Liter), Coyote saddlebag (39 Liter), and the smaller MoJave saddlebag (12 Liter) are the core of Giant Loop’s rackless motorcycle luggage system.

The main difference between the Great Basin and the Coyote is the width of the U-shaped opening. The Coyote is smaller to suit Dual Sport and Enduro bikes like a KTM500EXC, and the Great Basin is designed for larger adventure bikes like the Honda Africa Twin or KTM1190R. Both bags have the same features.

Top 4 things to consider when choosing a saddlebag:

1. Slim profile with compression straps that let you secure your items inside the bags. The big advantage of the ‘Horseshoe’ shaped bag when compared to the traditional pannier configuration with rack fixing is the compact bike-hugging form. With compression straps to keep your load secure, you can keep a slim, low profile.

2. Waterproofing capability. If the bag shell is not 100% waterproof, the option to insert waterproof liners is a must.

3. Durable construction to handle off-road conditions. Inevitably, in off-road riding at some stage, you will drop the bike. Durable and rugged construction is essential.

4. A design that doesn’t hinder your movement on the bike. If the majority of your riding is off-road, you must be able to move around on the bike and feel like the bag isn’t even there.

Giant Loop Coyote Roll TopSpecifications

  • Product: Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top
  • Volume: 39 liters/2379 cu. in. in packable volume
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds/2 kg (with included Hot Springs Heat Shield and 3 Dry Pods)
  • Approximate dimensions fully packed:
    -61.5″/156cm – bottom of the pannier, across the top to bottom of the other pannier bucket
    -39″/99cm – from one end to the other measuring along the middle of the base
    -7″/18cm – height of bag in the top center
    -6″/15cm – distance from inside to outside of pannier bucket bottom
    -9″/23cm – front to back in the top center
  • Waterproof: Water-resistant shell. 100% with Dry Pods


  • Outer Shell: 22-ounce Bomb Shell vinyl coated polyester reinforced with ballistic nylon
  • Custom-woven ballistic webbing on lower attachments
  • Nylike webbing compression straps
  • Military-spec fasteners

Giant Loop Coyote Roll Top


  • 39-liter/2379 cu in packable volume
  • Heavy-duty 22-ounce Bomb Shell vinyl-coated polyester reinforced with ballistic nylon
  • Reinforced roll-top closure for a quick easy waterproof seal
  • Beavertail and cinch ring with side-release buckled compression straps for lashing additional gear
  • Reflective accents for enhanced visibility
  • Includes one laser-cut aluminum Hot Springs Heat Shield and 3 Dry Pods
  • Includes ballistic webbing for the rear mounting option, in addition to fender hooks
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects
  • Made in the USA
  • Colors: Black, Orange, Gray, Yellow, White

What You Get

The main construction is 22-ounce vinyl-coated polyester, with extra tough ballistic coated polyester to the bottom of the bag where it is more likely to get damaged.

There are drains in the bottoms of the legs that allow water to escape if it happens to get inside the water-resistant outer shell. Like when you dunk your bike in a stream crossing. The bag is water-resistant, not waterproof, which is why the Dry Pods are included.

The Roll Top is a convenient closure system that seals out water and dust while maintaining the packable volume of 39 liters and still has all the features of the zipper closure Coyote Saddlebag.

Zippers can be frustrating when trying to close a bag stuffed with gear, especially a round-shaped bag like the Coyote. If a zipper fails you could be in for a frustrating ride home.

Compression straps run around the sides of the bag and two over the top to keep your load compact. The side compression straps can be moved to a lower position on the bag, to better suit the load you have stored in there.

A ballistic webbing strap is included to give you another option for securing the bag. Refer to the installation guide below.

Also included are removable 100% waterproof Coyote Dry Pods which easily slip inside your main bag, and the Hot Springs heat shield.

The Dry Pods are in a set of 3, one for each side, and one for the top, and also have roll-top openings that ensure waterproofing. Air purge valves allow you to squeeze the air out of them so they are nice and compact before putting them into the Coyote.


The Hot Springs Heat Shield which is included should be installed first, to protect your bag from melting if coming into contact with the hot exhaust pipe.

The Coyote mounts to your bike with a three-point attachment system that once attached to your bike is very stable.

The initial mounting should take about 15 minutes, and after that, you should be able to get the bags on and off in a couple of minutes.

Position the bag far enough back that you have enough seat access. Straps on the sides and back secure it in place.

Side fixing: The two straps, one on each side simply loop around your bike’s subframe, or passenger footpegs if you have them, then back up to the buckle fixing to pull the bag forward once tightened.

Top fixing: The bag mounts at the back to your rear fender, or to a rack if you have one. You have several options here:

  • Use the fender hooks provided and simply clip them to the edge of your fender and cinch down tight.
  • Use the ballistic webbing straps provided. Loosen the taillight assembly/fender support bolts and thread the strap between the fender and the taillight assembly/fender support. Once the strap is centered, retighten the bolts to sandwich the bedding strap between the two fender layers. Then thread the mounting strap through the thumb-lock buckles (where the hooks were before) inside the Coyote Saddlebag.
  • Another Solution: If you don’t mind drilling some small holes in your fender, the Giant Loop ‘Footmans Loop Anchor Kit’ makes a clean solution. All you really need is one solid anchor point, but two are better. Install the Footmans Loops in the middle top of the fender (be careful not to drill into wiring) and use the webbing strap included with the Coyote Saddlebag, instead of the fender hooks.

A common problem with rackless soft luggage systems is that they can sometimes scuff your bike’s plastic side panels. Small particles of dust and dirt get under the saddlebags and leave abrasion marks on the panels.

One way to prevent this is to apply a clear vinyl protective film to your side panels before installing your saddlebags.

Packing The Coyote

There is a specific way to pack a Coyote or Great Basin Saddlebag. Heavy items like tools, camp stoves, or spare parts need to be stowed first down into the bottom of the ‘legs’ to help keep the weight low on the bike, which helps with the bike’s handling.

Lighter bulky items like sleeping bags or clothes can be stowed across the top and compressed down as the roll top is closed. Two full rolls of the opening are ideal for maximum water resistance.

Many riders add a small dry bag across the top if you’re needing a bit of extra gear. The top straps are extra long for this purpose.

Who Is It For?

The Coyote is aimed at Dual Sport or lightweight adventure bike riders who like to take their bike into rough terrain and travel with minimal gear.

The company motto is: ‘Go Light. Go fast. Go far’.


  • Tough durable construction
  • Quick simple installation and removal
  • Includes Heat Shield and Dry Pods
  • New Roll Top closure is more robust than the zipper design
  • Includes mounting points for attaching additional items externally


  • Water Resistant, not 100% waterproof – must use Dry Pods


The Giant Loop Coyote is still one of the best options if you want to do some hardcore dual sport riding.

The horseshoe configuration doesn’t take up valuable seat space and still allows you to move around on the bike. The bag holds just enough to allow you to do multi-day trips but forces you to take only the essentials to travel light. The mounting points for attaching smaller items give you the flexibility to carry more if you choose.

The new Roll-Top opening eliminates the chance of zipper failure and makes an already great bag even better.

The Coyote isn’t cheap at about $375 but the quality is there when you need it. The last thing you need is a bag failure when you’re miles from anywhere.

The Giant Loop Coyote saddlebags were used by Adam Riemann of Motology Films in the MOTONOMAD trilogy. They chose to use KTM500EXC enduro bikes instead of larger adventure bikes.

For more on their adventures, check out my post: Adventure Motorcycle Travel DVDs – A Few To Inspire You

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Have you used the Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag for your off-road adventures? What are your thoughts on the new Roll Top version?

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6 thoughts on “Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag Review”

  1. These Giant Loop bags sound really good.

    I like that that you don’t have to have rack fixtures in order to use them. You can just pack up and go, which is ideal if you’re off for a few days and want to benefit from as much time on the trails as you can.

    I also like that there are straps to hold everything inside secure and prevent your belongings from moving about. This helps with keeping the bag itself secure and in one place, hopefully keeping it off the exhaust, tho I note there is heat protection too with the bags. But also the lack of movement makes it safer for the rider, particularly on trails, as it prevents any shift of weight which would alter the ride somewhat.

    Sounds like a good all round product for trail bike riders.

    • Hi Louise. The great thing about these types of soft saddlebags is that they don’t need a fixing rack, they just strap on almost any bike. Great for lighter bikes. Thanks for dropping in.


  2. The giant loop coyote saddlebag review has opened my eyes a little bit more and have given me the opportunity to gain more understanding on motorcycles accessories, and having seen the close-up photo of the horseshoe shaped saddlebag, I no longer wonder if it’s hard for riders to move or go shopping or just go for a few days and not worry about not being able to take all the right necessities!

    your review was simple to follow and it even made me enjoy engaging with your article because I wouldn’t have known about the giant loop  coyote saddlebag if it wasn’t for you Greg, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!

    now that I know, I can probably feel ok about looking for a bike one day, thank you sir!


    • Hi Jose. Glad you learned something about motorcycle saddlebags. They certainly make it easier to carry your gear if your bike has no rack fixings. Thanks for your comments.


  3. Hi there! Thanks for your product review. It looks durable especially for a biker with loads of things to bring. However in our country, motorcycle owners use bike compartments attached at the rear of the motor. It’s bulky and frankly speaking, owners look like a delivery guy. We own a Honda Beat and sometimes my husband and I go to different places amd its hard for us to carry things in backpacks especially if its a 2 hour drive (’cause we don’t have the compartment) Do you think its ok to have this in a 110cc motors? And if yes, on what countries is it available?

    Well that’s it. More power to you!

    • Hello there. If you have a 110cc bike a smaller saddlebag would be more suitable than the Coyote (39 liters). I recently did a review on a smaller bag, the Giant Loop MoJavi saddlebag (12 liters) by the same company. I’ve attached a link to check it out.

      To find out if they ship to your country just click on the link to Amazon in my post and it will tell you if they ship to your country. Thanks for dropping in.



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