Wolfman Enduro Dry Saddlebag Review

The Wolfman Enduro Dry Saddlebag is designed for riders who want to do multi-day adventure motorcycle camping trips but still travel light.

The Enduro Dry Saddlebag is the largest in the range of three, the DayTripper (12.4 liter), the E-12 (25 Liter) and the Enduro Dry (36 Liter) which are designed to suit almost any lightweight Dual Sport bike, although the Enduro Dry will also fit nicely on larger capacity adventure bikes.

The Enduro Dry is sized so that you need only carry a backpack and a small top bag and you’re set for a week or so of adventure riding.

The Enduro Dry Saddlebag has been discontinued.

Refer to Wolfman for their current range of saddlebags.

Wolfman Enduro Dry saddle bag


  • Product: Wolfman Enduro Dry Saddlebag
  • Weight: 2kg/5.45 pounds (including heat shield)
  • Capacity: 36 Liters per pair
  • Waterproof: water-resistant (100% with optional removable Dry Bag liners)
  • Construction: 1680 Denier Ballistic Vinyl
  • Warranty: limited on manufacturing defects
  • New increased dimensions: Length: 11 1/4″/28.6cm, Width: 7 1/4″/18.5cm, Height – Front: 12″/30.5cm, Height – Back: 8 1/2″/21.5cm


  • The new design adds 23% more storage capacity
  • Wide roll-top closure at top
  • Stable mounting system using two 2″/50mm wide seat straps
  • Total of 7 compression straps to top and sides
  • 3/8″ Foam Laminate to inside and outside of bags for stiffening
  • Reflective webbing on outside and rear
  • Made in the USA

Wolfman Enduro Dry saddle bag

What You Get

As of 2017, the new updated Enduro Dry Saddlebags have been improved in size and organization.

The 23% size increase has been added proportionately in all directions. They still fit nicely on lightweight Dual Sport bikes and stay out of the riders way on the tighter trails.

There are now no less than 7 compression straps: 3 to the body, 2 to the closure, and 2 to the top.

The roll-top zipperless closures are great for providing a waterproof opening, and allow you to adjust the roll down naturally to suit smaller or larger loads. This always keeps your load as compact as possible.

There are extra 2″ D rings to the top of the bags which are used for fixing an additional top bag for those longer trips.

Newly available is the optional 100% waterproof Dry Bag Liner that fits inside of the bags similar to the Giant Loop Dry Pods. This is sold separately as some riders find they don’t need it.

Wolfman Enduro Dry Waterproof Dry Bag Liners


The Wolfman DayTripper, E-12 and Enduro Dry Saddlebags all mount using the same method.

Ideally, the Kiowa Heat Shield should be installed prior to fitting the bags, to protect the bags from the hot exhaust pipe.

Fitting is a 3 step process and only takes about 15 minutes.
Step 1:
Adjust seat straps. Ideally, you want to get the top seam of the bag level with the top seam of the seat. This is done by adjusting the length of the straps between the bags.

Step 2: Fit the rear strap over the rear fender. The ‘Tension-O-Matic’ system has gutter hooks that fit over each side of the rear fender and it is then tensioned into place. Then connect the straps to the bag buckles.

Step 3: Install the front straps. These loop around the sub-frame of the bike in a downward direction, and connect back up to the buckles on the bag.


  • The 7 compression straps are redesigned to better secure your load
  • Roll-top straps have been strengthened and are more adjustable
  • New sleeves and zippered pockets help keep things organized
  • Rugged construction on all components


  • Not completely waterproof unless you use the optional Dry Bag liners
  • A bit pricey
  • No grommet for drainage

Final Thoughts

The Wolfman Enduro Dry is the next step up from the smaller one-day riding bags like the DayTripper or the E-12.

If you’re looking to find some seriously out of the way places, and need to be able to carry enough gear for you to be self-sufficient for a couple of days, but still want to travel light, then the Enduro Dry is worth considering.

As with all Wolfman gear, you know it’s built with durable and rugged construction, something Wolfman is well known for.

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Have you used any of the Wolfman soft luggage on your Dual Sport or Enduro bike? What are your thoughts on the products?

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  2. Wow Greg, this looks super interesting! I’ve never been a rider, but this definitely looks to be helpful for those that like to go out on several days of motorcycle trips. This reminds of me going to trekking in the mountains. We usually also carry this tight backpack that has everything that we need for a week to 2 weeks. The dilemma is always to know what to pack. Pack too light, and you might not have enough clothes/items. Pack too much, and you might have a hard time carrying it all the way. Great work overall sharing this! I can see people benefitting form this for sure!

    • Hi Parmi, thanks for your thoughts. Yes it’s the same as trekking, you need to carry enough for your needs, but not too much to weigh you down. The Wolfman Enduro Dry saddlebag is a good size for a few days, but light and compact enough to not affect the bike’s handling. Thanks for dropping in.



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