Gift Ideas For Dirt Bike Riders

If you ride dirt bikes yourself, then buying a gift for someone who also rides is pretty easy, there’s always something they need but never get around to buying. If you don’t, then these gift ideas for dirt bike riders will help you with almost any rider.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for a boyfriend who rides dirt bikes, or you’re looking for motocross gifts for a family member, it can be pretty tricky knowing just what to buy.

You want to get them something that they will really appreciate and actually use, right.

I’ve kept it pretty general so even if they already have most of their gear, you can find something in this list that will be used and appreciated.

Here are my Top 12 Suggestions:

Dirt Bike Magazine Subscription

Any dirt bike rider enjoys flicking through the latest Dirt Bike magazine. I grew up on this stuff. There are always amusing articles and shootouts comparing the latest bikes, riding, and setup tips. You can’t go wrong here.

You can subscribe to Dirt Bike Magazine here on Amazon.


Dirt Bike and Motocross gloves get a pretty tough life, so don’t generally last too long. They are a lot thinner than road bike gloves, so wear out fairly quickly.

Fox Dirtpaw gloves
A new pair of gloves will always be a great gift. I always carry a spare pair in my gear bag.

There are heaps of reviews on Amazon about the Fox Racing Dirtpaw gloves and almost all give them a 5-star rating. If you want to see what others are saying, click below.

For my review on these and other gloves:  10 Best Dual Sport & Adventure Gloves


A new pair of goggles will always be welcome even for a second pair to keep in the gear bag. The Oakley 02 MX goggles are a popular choice.

Oakley MX Goggles
You never know when you need another pair if it’s been a muddy or extremely wet day’s riding. For multi-day trail rides, it’s always great to have a spare pair in your gear bag. This is a gift that will always be used.

This is my personal choice for goggles, and I can’t fault them. I had numerous pairs over the years, and these are as good as any I’ve used.

For a review on the Oakley 02 MX  goggles:  Oakley MX Goggles Review

For a review on 8 of the best goggles available today: 8 Best Dirt Bike Goggles 2018

Riding Jersey

A cool riding jersey is always a nice gift. Again, it’s always good to carry a spare in your gear bag. The Fox Racing 180 Race Men’s Off-Road Jersey is one that any rider will love.

Fox racing 180 Race mens jersey
Fox Racing is a well-known brand in the dirt bike world, renowned for good design and quality products. You can’t go wrong with this for a gift.

For a review on the best dirt bike jersey/pants combos: 5 Best Dirt Bike Riding Gear Combos

Gear Bag

Dirt bike riders need to carry a lot of gear. Rather than just throwing all your gear in the back of the truck or van, a gear bag helps you keep everything together for easy transporting.

O'Neal TX8000 Gear Bag

A good gear bag is a must for any dirt bike rider. With the O’Neal TX8000 Gear Bag, you can store all your gear in one place.  It has enough room for your helmet, boots, goggles, gloves, body armor, knee and neck braces, riding jersey, and pants. It has a separate compartment on each end which is good for separating boots and helmet from the rest of the gear.

Or if you like to keep your helmet in a separate bag, there’s room for spare pants, jerseys, goggles, etc.  A zippered side pocket is ideal for your wallet, keys, and phone.

For a review on the best dirt bike gear bags: 10 Best Gear Bags For Dirt Bikes 2018


A good quality Multi-Tool like the Leatherman Wingman is a great gift for anyone, not just dirt bikers. Mountain bikers, bushwalkers, campers, anyone who loves the outdoors will make use of this.

Leatherman Wingman
The Leatherman Wingman is equipped with 14 tools including a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and wire stripper, scissors, a package opener, bottle and can openers, a file, and a ruler.

It comes with a 25-year warranty and has literally thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. Click below to see what others are saying about the Leatherman Wave.

Tool Kit/Bum Bag

This is something that is always essential for trail riding. The Ogio MX450 is a bag-only toolkit, as there is no point buying one that comes with tools if they already have a good tool selection, and that’s really getting too specific for a gift anyway.

This bag is suitable for any outdoor activity, not just dirt bike riding. It is suitable for skiers and snowmobile riders, bushwalkers, tradesmen who need to carry lots of tools with them, any outdoor activity where you need to carry a bit of gear with you.

Ogio MX450 Bum Bag
Ogio is a well-known and respected brand in Toolkits and Hydration packs.

This bum bag has numerous separate pockets within the tool compartment, plus two side pockets that are ideal for your wallet, cell phone, keys, etc. There is also a water bottle holster on the left side pocket, which is a great idea if you use it for hiking.

For a review on Tool Kit BumbagsDirt Bike Tool Kits – Bum Bag Essentials

Hydration Pack

A hydration pack makes a great gift for anyone. Whether you’re a dirt biker, mountain biker, cyclist, bushwalker, climber, adventurer – all make good use of these. The Camelbak Rogue is a good size pack for day trips.

Camelbak Rogue
They come in all sizes, depending on what you are using them for, but the Camelbak Rogue is a popular smaller size.

It has a 2-liter water bladder and 2 exterior pockets to carry things like your phone, keys, wallet, snacks, etc. It has a breathable mesh back panel, which allows air to circulate and helps prevent you from getting a sweaty back on hot days.

Behind the lower pocket is an open-air compartment with 2 compression straps, which is ideal for storing things like a light waterproof top.

For more info on Hydration packs: Hydration Pack Comparison

For a review of 10 of the best hydration packs available today: 10 Best Hydration Packs For Dirt Bikes

Motorcycle Phone Mount

A motorcycle phone mount is a useful gift, not just for dirt bike riders, but also for street bike riders, Quads, mountain bikers, cyclists, or for anything with handlebars that you want to mount a phone on to. They’re a pretty inexpensive gift, usually $15 – $60.

We take our phones everywhere these days, so this is a very useful gift.

Tackform metal motorcycle phone mount


The Tackform Metal Motorcycle phone mount is made from aluminum so it is tough enough to withstand the vibration of dirt bike riding over the roughest terrain.

It has a 360-degree range of motion which allows for portrait or landscape viewing of the phone and will fit handlebars of 7/8″, 1″, 1.15″ & 1.25″ diameter.

For a review of more motorcycle phone mounts: 5 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts – Tough Enough For Dirt Bikes

Aftermarket Footpegs

Any dirt bike rider would love to add some bling to their dirt bike to give it that ‘Factory bike’ look. Anodized aluminum footpegs certainly look cool, and dirt bike footpegs get a pretty hard life also, so a new set is always a good idea.

Adding some aftermarket footpegs to a dirt bike is a popular upgrade. They offer superior grip and a much wider platform than the stock pegs that came on the bike, which adds to the rider’s comfort and control of the bike.

For a review on the best aftermarket footpegs: 5 Best Dirt Bike footpegs – Aftermarket Upgrades

Mojo Footpegs

MOJO Motosport also has a whole range of other anodized aluminum parts for the bike like the clutch and brake levers, rims, hubs etc to make the bike look trick. You will need to know the bike’s make, model and year to order the right part.

Check out other parts available from MOJO: Bling Your Bike – MOJO Product Review

Fork Support Brace

The Front Fork Support Brace fits between the bike’s front fender and wheel. It prevents damage to the bike’s fork seals and compressing the springs during transport.

Front Fork Support brace

You can strap the bikes down securely and not worry about damaging your front forks. I wouldn’t be without one, so this would be a very useful gift for someone that doesn’t yet have one.

For a few bucks, you can avoid expensive suspension damage.


Dirt Bike grips are something that don’t tend to last a long time, especially in competition. They’re a relatively cheap item for a dirt bike, so you can afford to change frequently.

Scott Sports Black Radial Half Waffle Grips

When buying these for a gift, it might pay to check out the ones that are currently being used on their bike and go for something similar. There is such a wide range of grips available, and everyone has their own personal preference.

Some riders like a soft compound that is good for absorbing vibration and reducing arm pump. Other riders like a firmer compound grip that is more durable.

There are 3 basic patterns: Waffle, Diamond and Pillow Top and again this is personal preference.

The Scott Sports Radial Half Waffle Grips (pictured) are a ‘middle of the range’ sort of grip which is very popular.

For a review on 10 of the best grips available today: 10 Best Dirt Bike Grips   It will help with your selection.

Motorcycle DVDs also make a great gift. Here are some more ideas from previous posts:

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Dirt Bike Movies Dirt Bike Movies – 5 You Must See


I hope this gives you some ideas for a gift for a birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day for the dirt bike rider in your family. I would be happy with any of these gifts.

Take it from someone who has spent a lifetime riding dirt bikes, these are some things we wish people would buy us.

If you have any other gift ideas for dirt bike riders, please share your thoughts with readers in the comments section below.

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