Troy Lee Designs Adventure Hydro Offroad Jacket Review

Troy Lee Designs Adventure Hydro Jacket

Troy Lee started in 1981 customizing helmets for some of the top riders internationally. Troy Lee Designs has since expanded into offering a complete range of helmets and apparel for off-road motorcycles and cycling. It is still a privately held company. Traditionally a dirt bike company, the Troy Lee Designs Adventure Hydro Offroad jacket is … Read more

Fly Trekker Helmet Review – Dual Sport and Adventure Touring

Fly Trekker Helmet Review

The Fly Trekker Helmet is an entry-level helmet for the Dual Sport and AdventureTouring market. Fly Racing is not a name familiar to street riders but off-road and motocross riders have been familiar with the name for years. They sponsor many top riders and events. The Fly Trekker is their entry into the Dual Sport … Read more

Adventure Motorcycle Riding Checklist

Adventure Motorcycle Riding Checklist

 Adventure Motorcycle Camping Checklist – A Packing Guide Adventure Motorcycle touring has gained popularity over recent years, mainly due to the ability to carry all your camping gear on the bike. This has opened up the whole world to riders who want to explore remote areas and be self-sufficient, without having to look for accommodation … Read more

What are the differences between Dual Sport and Adventure bikes

Lightweight Adventure bikes

Dual Sport vs Adventure bike New riders looking to purchase a bike can find it a little confusing deciding which type of bike to go for. Both types of bikes are designed to be ridden on the road or off-road. The main difference is where each is more comfortable. So what are the pros and … Read more


Hi there, and welcome to Moto Domains – a website about all things Dirt Bikes. My name is Greg Cook and Dirt Bike riding has been a passion of mine since I had my first ride on a dirt bike at age 14 in Auckland, New Zealand. My teens were spent blasting through the Woodhill … Read more

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