5 Best Adventure Motorcycle Jackets

Best Adventure Motorcycle Jackets

Adventure motorcycle touring requires your gear to be versatile enough to handle a wide variety of environments. The best adventure motorcycle jackets are designed to handle dry and wet weather riding, hot and cold temperatures, and give you protection from the elements both on and off the road. They should also be comfortable, armored, have […]

6 Best Dual Sport Helmets

Best Dual Sport Helmets

When deciding on the best dual sport helmet to suit the type of riding you do, there are a few factors to consider. If you’ve ever worn a motocross style helmet and goggles for any distance on the road, you’ve realized that Moto/off-road helmets aren’t designed for high-speed road use. You’ll get a neck workout […]

10 Best Boots For Enduro and Dual Sport Riding

Best Boots for enduro & Dual Sport riding

There are subtle differences between Motocross boots and Enduro or off road boots. The most noticeable difference is in the sole. The best dirt bike boots for enduro or off-road riding will feature a sole with a deeper tread pattern for more traction when off the bike, or when negotiating a tricky obstacle like a […]

10 Best Tents for Adventure Motorcycle Camping (Updated)

Best Tent For Adventure Motorcycle Camping Tents

With the popularity of Adventure Motorcycle Camping on the rise, there are now tents designed specifically with the motorcyclist in mind. Parking your motorcycle in the tent in a designated garage area is now a reality, although it’s not for everyone. Here is a look at 10 of the Best Tents for Adventure Motorcycle camping, […]

Dirt Bike Tool Kits – Bum Bag Essentials

Dirt Bike Tool Kit Bum Bag

Your Dirt Bike Tool Kit is part of the essential arsenal for any serious off-road rider. In this post, I’ll be going over putting your toolkit together, keeping weight to a minimum. Whether you’re doing a one-day trail ride, an enduro, a multi-day trail ride or an adventure ride, making sure your bike is prepared, […]

12 Good Reasons To Keep Riding Dirt Bikes – Even Past Fifty

Reasons to ride a dirt bike

As someone who has ridden dirt bikes of one form or another for over forty years, I reckon I know as well as anyone some good reasons to keep riding dirt bikes – even past 50. I had my first ride of a dirt bike at about 14, and have loved riding ever since. With the exception […]

7 Best Soft Panniers For Lightweight Adventure Bikes

Best Soft Panniers for Lightweight Adventure Bikes

The luggage system you choose for your adventure motorcycle touring affects everything: your comfort, your bike’s handling, the type of terrain you can handle, the duration of your trip, and even your safety. You’ve made the decision between hard panniers and soft panniers and decided that a soft pannier system is the way you want […]

10 Best Knee Braces and Knee Guards For Dirt Bikes 2019 – Which To Choose?

Best knee braces and knee guards for dirt bikes

If you’re considering whether to buy dirt bike knee braces or just knee guards, keep in mind the extra cost of good knee braces is money well spent. When you consider the cost of surgery, time off work, loss of riding time, or living with a long term knee injury, the cost of a brace […]

10 Best Dirt Bike Grips 2019: Comfort and Feel Is Vital

Best Dirt Bike Grips

Your hands are your body’s first connection with your dirt bike, through your grips. Your dirt bike grips should give you protection from vibration, prevent arm pump, and give you good feel and control of your bike even when riding in wet and muddy conditions. Luckily dirt bike grips aren’t expensive, so you can experiment to […]